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NSW Blues team, predicted changes, Jarome Luai, Nathan Cleary, Brad Fittler, Jack Wighton

The backstory is beautiful and if Brad Fitler gets his time again, the Blues’ performance at Suncorp Stadium on Wednesday night could be very different.

It is not difficult to understand why Fitler went with the group.

By the way, New South Wales beat Queensland 44-12 in the second leg.

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If the Blues could have easily done this two weeks ago, would even a really good performance be enough, especially when it comes to the loss of Cameron Munster to Meron?

But it is now easy to understand that it is wrong to think that this beautiful thing is going to be done in the same way.

Cameron Smith said the best during the ‘Captain Run’. Sen. 1170Fittler seemed to have many options.

“The reality is that New South Wales has a lot to choose from, but Queensland does not,” he said.

“Queensland’s squad is very small.”

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Jack Whitten missed Game 3. (Photo by Mark Colbe / Getty Images)Source Fate-Getty Images

So instead of returning to White Whites’ Jack Whiteton in Game 1, Fetler gave Stephen Crychton another start before he was relegated to Covd-19.

Forget about it, Whiteton could have made an impact on the bench, but instead opted for Fitler Siosifa Talakain.

Of course, Talakai has theoretically a strong bench option and versatility, but in practice he has not been able to make pressure and experience.

“There are a lot of questions asked in every series of elections,” said former Blues coach Lauri Dayley. Sky Sports Radio.

“White needed to be on the sidelines considering what he could have done in Game 1. That kind of player was very important to New South Wales last night.”

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Smith called the decision to leave Whitton “very confusing.”

“Jack White had to come back straight away,” he said.

“He can play anywhere in the line later and if one of your forwards is tired, throw him in there. He was built for Origen and he showed that in Game 1. He was their best player.

And don’t forget that Smith is a member of the Queensland Coaching Team and when he speaks for himself, those feelings are no doubt shared in the Marons camp.

“Players cut and change (no sense),” Smith added.

Billy Slater, on the other hand, had a very clear message from the beginning and refused to stay away from it, despite injuries and changes to Covidy-19 that challenged his decision.

“Billy’s idea was to select 22 players and decide who would finish the job for Queensland,” Smith said.

“If you look at the changes in Queensland, everyone is injured. After the second game there were question marks on a few Queensland players, some said we shouldn’t be there, but he chose them.”

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Billy Slater made the right call. Pictures Adam HeadSource: News News Corp Australia

Sometimes such an attitude can be seen as stubbornness. In this case, Slater was a more reflective coach with a clear plan and culture.

On Wednesday night, however, no matter what the outcome, Slater assured the Queensland game team that they would do the job.

As always, the discussion already looks at what changes Fittler can make before next year’s series. That, of course, is premature at this stage.

After all, both injuries and forms play a role in determining that. By the way, let’s see if the Blues have stopped.

Phil Gould said the way South New Wales played after Game 1 was “very pantered”.

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He himself did not say that there were too many Panthers in the team, but the systems and structures played by the Blues are similar to those in Penitentiary.

“NSW was very structured. In fact, it may be a little too much ‘pantherised’. Extensive sports world.

“You’re not playing club football, you’re playing the best in the area, you’re playing Origen, then you need a little bit.

“You need a little more and a little more strategy for your game and then just go to club football because it’s a good combination and a good structure.”

Is Jarom Lui’s alliance with Nathan Clyri enough to be re-elected? (Photo by Chris Hyde / Getty Images)Source Fate-Getty Images

You can understand why Fitler wants to play this way, especially when three of the four spine members are in the defensive Premier League.

But that could change next year. Jarom Lui is the perfect foil for Claire in Clelandland, but the Blues have not been able to get the impression they need more than him.

This is especially true when you consider the way Clyrie was targeted and controlled in games 1 and 3.

“Clary plays a predictable role in football, so they have been able to put pressure on him, realizing that he has killed them in other ways in the past,” Gold said.

“I thought NSW had a better club strategy, a football club style. As the game progresses, you will see Queensland defenders gain more confidence in what they are doing.

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Now, of course, Game 2 stood out in this way, because Clyri was quick to beat the Marons by controlling the play behind the blues. But New South Wales cannot rely on what happens every time.

Lui is out of Cleary and half of his teammates are emotional and he has the experience to play his best football, instead of pursuing his interests in the game by cheating on his back.

That works in Cleveland but its origins are a completely different beast. The Panthers Duo realized it was the hardest road this year.

Lui and Clyri may have played together since adolescence, but the Blues could play alongside Cleary. New South Wales has a strong ball game that can change speed when controlling the pack and Clyri wrestling.

Matt Burton could be part of the solution. (Photo by Mark Colbe / Getty Images)Source Fate-Getty Images

Enter Matt Burton. It is safe to say that next year the Blues’ midfield pair will be very different.

Burton proved to be a real breaker by making his debut in Game 2 with an impressive start; High-powered bombs are a weapon that Queensland could not easily encounter.

In addition, if the club affiliation is still important, Clyri and Burton have known each other well since their time at Pennit.

As for other changes, James Tedesco and Brian Too look locked up next year.

If you want to make a difference on the back line, Josh Ado-Car’s speed is the point of difference and Ben Hunt would be the one to go down.

That would make Queensland more valuable, but Trobojevich and Michel are both experts in bomb disposal and could help.

‘Perfect’ Ponga won high praise | 01:50

Clyri is still half back to back the Blues, which will take us to the front pack. If Whitney takes the bench, Apisa Corissa and Damien Cook could be in a shooting competition for the role of a beginner prostitute.

Although Talakai has played that role this year and is still a place for Cook, you have to stay tuned as Queensland struggles to repeat the success of Hunt and Harry Grant.

Jack Trbojevich and Junior Paulo both offer something different but equally valuable in front of them and, like Isaac Eu and Cameron Mare, retain their place.

Of course, Payne Hass will take one of the first gigs when he is comfortable, which will bring Paul back to the bench.

Payne Hass returns. (Photo by Mark Colbe / Getty Images)Source Fate-Getty Images

Liam Martin was attacked on Wednesday night after a long career in defense. It has a Pennies relationship in use, but as already covered, it does not always guarantee to pay for partitions.

What could benefit Martin’s favor was that his friends, such as Angus Crichton, Ryan Matterson, Tariq Sims, and Tyson Frizell, had the opportunity to make room for him.

Elsewhere, Fatler looks at Hammole Olakawatu and Kiaon Koloamatangi. The next round of delegations will be canceled.

When it comes to benches, Whiten and Cook, like Criston and Paolo, have locks there.

Possible 2023 NSW Blues Line-UP

1. James Tedesco

2. Brian Too

3. Lateral Mitchell

4. Tom Trobojevich

5. Josh Ado-Car

6. Matt Burton

7. Nathan Creerie

8. Payne Hass

9. Apisay Corissa

10. Jack Trobojevich

11. Cameron Murray

12. Hammole Olakaatu

13. Isaac Jehu.

14. Damien Cook

15. Jack Whiten

16. Angels Creekton

17. Junior Paul

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