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NSW Blues vs Queensland Maroons, Felise Kaufusi sin bin, reaction, video, Daly Cherry-Evans, Brad Fittler

Deli Cherry-Evans’ pleas fell on deaf ears, with Felise Kaufusi completing his master’s stroke in the wake of Brad Fittler’s ouster, in the eyes of many, in the wake of the Orion II coup d’état.

Queensland were leading 12-8 into the final five minutes of the game but in the 38th minute there were four consecutive fouls, including one by Kaufis.

Judge Ashley Klein was the last straw to give the order.

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Sunday, June 26

Sunday, June 26

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NSW Blues Press Release | 10 ፡ 43

“This is great. This is great. ” Channel 9 Matthew Thompson commented.


Thompson said Queensland coach Billy Slater was “as animated” as he was in the series after the big call.

After the Blues’ manager complained that Queensland was in control of the ball and was restricted in the process, Fittler’s music was in the air.

Not surprisingly, Cherry-Evans pleaded: “They are all different.”

Fitler said the difference between the two teams in Game 1 was the speed of the competition, and the authorities accused Queensland of running away.

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Queensland Biggest VILLAIN Point First | 00:28

“It was a high-speed game – it’s always been that way,” Fittler said in a post-match press conference.

“They won and they did a good job there. We had to do better. We had to keep them for a long time. Easy.

“They came in and grabbed him and Ashley [Klein] They did not want to be punished… They worked hard there and definitely won the competition.

Weighing in to the drama in half an hour Channel 9Both Phil Gould and Paul Vaultin were critical of the decision.

Queensland Maroons Press Release | 09 ፡ 35 35

“I hate the reservoirs of sin in good times,” says Gold.

“I don’t think there was a warning here. He got four and five minutes and just kicked him out of the field. They justify that.

But I don’t think he should have reached this stage. He gave those six reps to get into the Sin Bin province, you need a magnifying glass to know exactly what happened or why he should be punished.

Brandy Cry ‘Burton Has No Weaknesses’ 01:46

“Again, they are six and they are not giving a penalty kick. You do not need it. The origin is football.

“This is a geopath,” Voutin added.

“No one knows why. Nobody knows here. No one in the house knows. We do not know. We are called experts. So he was called. “

Klein decided to resume four sets, including what Kaufusi binned saw, the first for a penalty against Harry Grant and the second for Cherry-Evans within 10 meters.

Queensland’s next half-back was within 10 meters and he pinged again and Kaufusi was soon dragged down.

Asked about the referee’s performance after game 2, Fitler wanted to focus on his own players.

“The time of the game was very similar. But our efforts have come. ”

“I think they pushed the reef and he let it. For our part, we were more critical and criticized more than anyone else and I thought they were much better tonight.

Sin-Benning Fetler added: “I thought what was happening was that we were trying to defeat them and I thought the only way they could wait was to punish them.

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