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NSW Blues vs Queensland Maroons, updates, Cameron Murray injury, head knock, report, Murray Tuilagi

There was a lot of confusion on Sunday night after Merry Tulagi did not appear in the report, and Cameron Murray was bleeding profusely.

At the beginning of the first half of the season in question, when Thai was on his way to unlock the Blues’ locks, Murray rallied.

“It’s exciting because if Murray can’t come back here, if that problem is reported, we might have to wake up the 18th person.” Channel 9 Matthew Thompson commented.

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Sunday, June 26

Sunday, June 26

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Mary was choked with blood from his ears and later asked Judge Ashley Klein to leave the field for a head injury assessment.

Although Tuilagi did not appear in the report, this meant that if the Blues had not been able to bring the 18th man back into the lead, they would not have been able to move the 18th man.

Fortunately, the NSW, who had been locked up after the test, qualified to return to the field, although some are still confused about Tulagin’s decision not to report.

The game review committee could still charge Tulagi, although he was not on the report and officials did not consider him eligible for further action.

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