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Nunez can withstand pressure of playing for Liverpool, says former coach

Former Benfica star coach Darwin Nunez says he is “mentally strong” to cope with the pressure on Liverpool.

The 22-year-old has been linked with a move to the Reds in the Premier League next season.

Erling Haland, already considered one of the world’s most promising young strikers, is widely expected to have the same impact on rivals Manchester City.

Leonardo Ramos, who played for Uruguay International in Penarol before heading to Europe, said he felt Nunez was ready to support himself, adding that his experience with injuries had strengthened his resolve.

“I think he is mentally strong right now,” Ramos told Status Performance. “I can tell you that he was suffering a lot.

”[He was] He always cries and suffers from running and training, so he knows what suffering is, he knows what constant pressure is.

“At that time, I and his agent did not know. [the injury he had] And we probably put a lot of pressure on his head, because his football career was in jeopardy with all the conditions.

“I think he was in Portugal and everyone was talking about him – because in fact everyone was talking about Darwin Nunez – today his head seems ready for that, to deal with that.”

Before heading to Almeria in 2019, Nunez struggled in injury with 15 league appearances at Penarol.

Ramos, however, believes that the experience has helped him gain a better position among his teammates, and that he has added a lot to his body to enhance his skills through recovery practice.

“Darwin ended up being what he is today, an incredible player,” he said. “We have seen it and we have seen it, especially it has improved, because Darwin is separated from his teammates and has a lot of muscle in training.

“He has changed a lot. Today, he is more athletic, but he was already a great player. He started at every level,” he said.

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