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Nunez joins Liverpool: Can Darwin be the evolution of Mane for the Reds?

Much has been said about Liverpool’s spending spree on Darwin Nunez.

The Uruguayan striker arrived at Anfield on a 2018 75million transfer from Southampton to Virgil Van Djik in January 2018.

Benfica agreed on Monday to sell Nunez to Liverpool for £ 64m (€ 75m), plus an additional £ 21.4m (€ 25m). Liverpool confirmed on Tuesday.

Merseyside club key player could be sacked at the same time, but Sadio Mane has been linked with a move to Bayern Munich.

Can the Senegalese star emulate or surpass what he did during his time at Liverpool?

Status Perform looks at the 22-year-old to see what Liverpool are earning in cash.

Nunez is Mane’s replacement?

Nunez, who seems to be the standout performer, is being signed for the goal.

A.D. After a 24 24 million transfer from Almeria in September 2020, he may not be on the bench at Benfica. .

According to Opta, Nunez had an average of 9.98 (xG) goals in his first season, but he did not score as much as he should have, which was offset by 26 goals in 24 league games in 2021-22 (24 starts). ) From 18.4 xG.

In comparison, for the 2022 Ballon d’Or, Mane has scored 16 goals in 34 Premier League games (32 starts) and the xG image is similar to Nunez (18.3). Thus, while the opportunities that went their way were relatively reasonable during the competition year, the Uruguayan proved to be more clinical.

The relative quality difference between England and Portugal should be taken into account, but the two players are well-connected in the Champions League.

Nunez has scored six goals in 10 games (six starts) from xG at just 3.1, while Mane has scored five goals in 13 games (11 starts) on xG 4.5. The 22-year-old is still more confident than any other Senegalese star.

It remains to be seen whether Nunez could translate this into English football, but there are other striking parallels between the two players, suggesting that they may not be as different as some might think.

Nunez and Mane have shown similar creativity in their respective leagues last season. The previous four supports averaged 4.8 out of averages (xA), while Mane took two from 4.4 xA to his name and was knocked out by his teammates due to the occasional poor finish.

In the 2021-22 season, both players proved to be comfortable with 86 dribbles each, although Mane’s 54.7 percent success rate was much better than Nunez’s 45.4.

Of course, the main difference between the two is that former Southampton striker Mane played for Liverpool from left-back, while Nunez is primarily a center-forward.

That should not be the case when the Reds bought that part of the market a few months ago.

Premier League? Done, friend

To the surprise of many, at least at the end of the January transfer window, Liverpool were forced to sign Luis Diaz from Porto.

This does not mean that they have not yet decided to buy Diaz, but reports suggest that the deal could be completed by the end of the season.

Diaz has hit the ground running and played a key role in Liverpool’s unbeaten run and has won four times as unprecedentedly.

However, when the Colombian took the lead on the left flank, Mane was asked to play in an unknown position for the rest of the campaign, despite his impressive performance.

Nunez will be a bit of a natural fit in that central role, and like Diaz, he hopes the transition from the Premier League to the Premier League is relatively flawless.

He has already shown that he will be in contention for a place in the Champions League quarter-final against Liverpool.

In the first leg in Lisbon, Jገንrgen Klopp’s side won 3-1, but Nunez scored well for Benfica.

I was even more surprised when Van Dyke did not play in the return match at Anfield. Nunez has often dragged the left-back to the Liverpool defense and has made a hat if there were no effective off-the-shelf traps.

Nunez netted three times for Liverpool, but the two were held to a 3-3 draw by assistant referee Benfica 6-4.

He showed his personality in the last 10 minutes, despite being an impressive hunter against Allison and almost dragging the team to where they were before.

Can Liverpool adapt to Nunez?

Roberto Firmino (pictured, right) scored two of Liverpool’s goals that night, and he has been impressive under Anfield’s floodlights but has seen his key role in Liverpool’s attack diminished in recent years.

Until the arrival of Diego Jotta in 2020, the Brazilian international’s admiration for the false role of Mane and Mohamed Salah has been praised, a departure from the former Wolves man. He played a role in the traditional system of Klopp in the Klopp system.

He underestimated Nunez by pointing out that he was number nine in the Earling Halen mold. He goes down deep and, as before, he is attracted to small attackers in Liverpool.

However, at 6ft 2in lengths, Liverpool full backs Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andrew Robertson could also offer a device that illuminates the former.

No other defender has scored 129 goals for Alexander Arnold this season.

Hoffenheim’s David Ram (226) and Arbi Leipzig Angeloino (211) have also conceded more opener than any other player this season, creating 27 ‘big chances’ in Opta. His 191.

On paper, Nunez has everything he needs to succeed in the Premier League. Speed, power, skill, shooting accuracy and beautiful hair.

Darwin’s evolution matches are already thin, and we take part in this, but it would be better for the player to ignore all the comparisons.

Nunez could easily have been his own person.

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