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There will be more online sequel to Game of Thrones II than the result

The amazing 15 players on both teams will be able to negotiate with rival clubs from November 1 – and they all hope to get their footing on the crucial contract talks in the future.

Strong origins are crucial to increasing game contracts, with clubs willing to offer extra cash or extra years for the crop.

At the age of 32, at the age of 32, Hurricane Syms’ strong show took off, and Wayne Bennett quickly took over Marcone sorcerer Felise Cafusi.

By 2022, some players will lose a lot.

For many big names, their next contract may be the big money deal, and many young guns are shooting for lucrative deals. analyzes what it can do for troubled players and home blinds for their price!

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Cameron Manchester

Current price $ 1 million

Potential price $ 1.2 million

Cameron Munster’s contract situation has become a circus after Hurricane Jahrome Hughes and Harry Grant gave priority to re-signing.

However, the 27-year-old is in his 2022 career and has been the best player on the field in his opening season.

According to the Daily Telegraph Booth Rotfield on NRL360, the performance alone could have increased the value by $ 100,000 – so if the gifted five-eighth had to offer the rest of the series, it could be for a sweet payday.

Munster’s choice is to stay in the storm, but that hill looks like a war.

Reports have suggested that dolphins, bronchos and bulldogs are interested, but that Munster will have to spend more than $ 1 million to put pen to paper.

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Cameron Munster’s home show is already set to cost more. (Photo by Mark Colbe / Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

Stephen Criston

Current price $ 500,000

Potential price $ 750,000

Crickton was given a starting point in Game II after leaving the bench as a series opener.

The Panthers Gun has been one of the best in the competition for over a year and has a premiere to launch.

Crychton will be in talks with rivals Brian To’o and Liam Martin from November 1, and the Panthers want to lock down their rifles early.

However, the value of a talented athlete can be greatly enhanced by a strong background.

The 21-year-old could be part of a huge Blues success, with many players not involved.

Creekton is said to be a target for Wayne Bennett dolphins and could take extra pay to play Panthers pistol Fulbach if he takes action.


Current price $ 150,000

Potential price $ 650,000

The 20-year-old has made 13 appearances in 11 appearances and is in excellent form this year.

Billy Slater put his faith in the young man’s gun and presented it, trying to catch Dane Gaga’s Infield field on the right side of the field.

Kobo has a contract with the Broncos until the end of 2023 and is one of the most popular talents in the NRL. He now has the opportunity to show his worth at the best.

He has yet to play in the final and has not played 25 first-team games in his NRL career, but reports suggest that more than half of the tournament has put his name on Cobon.

The Broncos are leading the race but they have to dig their wages to buy it. If he does reflect on the last two games in a row and help bring the Broncos to the finish line, they will probably have to dig a little deeper.

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Jeremiah Nenai

Current price $ 250,000

Potential price $ 650,000

Jeremiah Nanay’s decision to sign a one-year contract extension was an incredible business decision.

Although his signing temporarily derails his future, November 1 is approaching and rival clubs will once again surround him.

In a year and a half, the senior Flyer has made just 17 appearances beyond his expectations.

The 19-year-old has been relegated to the bench for the Merons and his playing time at the opening of the series was limited to an ankle injury.

But if he starred in the rest of the series and showed that he could lead the season, the price would be higher.

Nanai is fifth on 11 points in all competitions, level with Ado-Car, Cots, Kobo, Garyk and Cato, all playing outside backs.

Jeremiah Nanai is free to negotiate with rival clubs from November 1. (Photo by Ian Hitchcock / Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

Matt Burton

Current price $ 550,000

Potential price $ 750,000

Burton has started the season slowly, like any other team in the Bulldogs, but has shown why he is one of the club’s main targets in recent weeks.

With the Balmor club halfway through, Burton’s balls and play prowess are in full swing as the Bulldogs begin to change things in recent weeks.

Although he was relegated to the semi-finals, Brad Fitler supported him and opted for Game II. It gives him the opportunity to compete with some of the NRL’s best outdoor backs on Valentine’s Homes and Denny Gaga.

Burton was set to rise in the open market, having previously signed with the Bulldogs for just $ 550,000 per season. A strong start with the best in the game will first push that figure up and make him one of the hottest young talents in the NRL.

Chat community

Current price $ 250,000

Potential price $ 600,000

Talakai In 2022, he took advantage of the sharks with both hands.

Before retiring, the former South Star was strong, starting the year.

But going to the centers raised metrological growth to the starting point.

Talakai is used on the bench by the Fellerler Blues and is probably lagging behind, but the value in the Cronula bowling ball is its versatility.

In the event of a crush, a lure, or a Creton injury, the paramedic may move to the center, allowing Burton to move halfway through.

He could also sign for Martin and Murray as a transfer player.

The price tag has already passed the ceiling, but that number could rise again before the first game of the season can be negotiated with rival clubs.

The 25-year-old wants to stay loyal to the club that gave him his second chance, but the Sharks have to put their hands in their pockets to keep him.

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Murray Taulagi

Current price $ 350,000

Potential price $ 500,000

Murray Taulagi replaced Xavier Coates after suffering a syndromes injury.

The 23-year-old will be in good form with the rest of the Cowboys in 2022.

These are just a few of the reasons why Slerter received the call.

Tulagi November 1 is another one that could come and could do more on the original platform if it does not increase its value by 2022, which will prove to be a break with the NSW Scholar Wings.

It is ranked 14th for the tests, 11th overall and 6th overall, and a total of 6 minutes in 15 consecutive rounds.

Murray Taulagi will start in Game 2. Photo: Alix SweeneySource: News News Corp Australia

Brian Too

Current price $ 400,000

Potential price $ 700,000

Brian Toe is ready to accept a major contract amendment and the value has already increased.

Too is one of the Panthers stars hoping for a better deal.

The 23-year-old has years of football ahead of him but he wants to get the best deal for himself and his family.

The other winger was reportedly on the verge of joining Wayne Bennett with Wayne Bennett.

But Too is said to be happy to stay at the foot of the mountain and earn a modest living with his family and the Panthers.

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AM Hunt

Current price $ 1.1 million

Potential price $ 1.1 million

Ben Hunt By 2022, it has proven to be good and truly efficient.

The former Broncos player has previously been dubbed the most prolific player in the competition, but is currently on the Dali M board.

Hunt’s form gave him a starting point in the Maron lineup ahead of Harry Grant.

The Dragons Marquee’s age is the only issue, but if it continues as it is at the end of this year, Red V will not hesitate to extend his contract for at least a year.

Although he was not prepared for the huge pay rise, many did not expect Hunt to offer this time and keep the current price for the Dragons.

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