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North Melbourne legend David King has said the game has “never been more defeated” after Blues boss Patrick Cripps had his two-match ban overturned by the AFL Appeals Board on Thursday night.

Cripps is free to play this weekend after a lengthy four-and-a-half-hour court hearing that challenged the suspension of Callum Ah Chee, which hamstrung the Lions – a verdict that sparked outrage from around the football world.

When the case was first heard by the tribunal on Tuesday night, the appeals board ruled that there was both an error of law in the trial court and that the jury’s findings were unreasonable.

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It means the star midfielder faces Melbourne on Saturday night and Collingwood next weekend as Carlton battle to stay in the top eight.

Speaking on SEN on Friday morning, King, who has long supported the AFL’s handling of head contact and controversies, was shocked by the results.

Voss Labels Crips Win ‘Fair Race’ | 00:46

“It goes against everything we’ve been talking about for the last three or four years about keeping heads. In my opinion, this line ball is not what others think,” said the two-time Premier League Kangaroo.

“Last night I was told by AFL consultant Nicholas Payne that a player can compete for the ball but still continue to tackle the opposition.

I think they’re two different things – you’re tackling the ball or you’re tackling or tackling… Nicolas Payne was wrong and I think he was beaten in the opposite case.

“I don’t think the game has ever been more defeated than it is now. No one knows what a difference of opinion is, what possession is, what a head guard is, no one knows what is fair competition and what is not.

King please explain the rules on head protection from AFL football general manager Brad Scott and other league bosses.

“Why don’t we hear from Brad Scott and those in charge of the AFL about keeping their heads up, why don’t they stand up and talk to us fans? Why don’t they do it? Because they are concerned about the legitimacy at the track,” he said.

There’s no ending to match the blues. 01:53

“We can only make decisions if we keep our heads or not. I think we are mixing and matching in the midfield. At the beginning of the year, they said, ‘We will take a position on fractional delay.’

“Well this is fractionally late, it really seems like it is, so don’t tell us something from CD at the start of the season and we’re fighting with it four months later because we’ve got two weeks before the finals series and Carlton’s captain and their best player have been dropped. Now is not the time to make such adjustments.

“Put your heads up, come and tell us what’s going on in our game, because right now it’s a mess. The game itself, the gameplay, is fantastic… but the rules and head guard are miles away from what they should be.

Port Adelaide great Ken Corns agreed with King and believed the AFL needed to address this decision differently.

“I was a bit soft on fixtures and football clashes, but I did this game, and as soon as it happened (Cripps clashed with Ah Che) I said he should be banned for two weeks,” he said.

“He had a chance to go for the football, he chose to kick, the man was worried. We all agree that it is usually two weeks.

“I was shocked when I woke up this morning to see that it was down.”

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