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Paul Green was one of rugby league’s most profound thinkers. But he was one of the game’s great geniuses – and he failed to deliver to his teammates off the field.

In the wake of Green’s untimely death on Thursday, former roster teammate Brian Fletcher shared his favorite moments with Green and performed one of the NRL’s greatest cheeky acts.

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Fletcher told Fox League: “He came to Chokes in 2001. 2002, he worked his knee in the first game. I remember he was basically going through rehab and stuff.

But finding him—if we drink, he’s the first to set it up. I think he took it upon himself as Mina. At the end of the year we had fundraisers, the trip, the year.

“I think he was thinking that I won’t be able to play this year and I won’t be able to add anything to the team so I will help off the pitch. It was a great year that year, we were talking about how much fun we had at his (nearly 20-year) reunion. And I think a lot of it has to do with Greenie.

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In the year Speaking about the Roosters’ recent reunion to celebrate their premiership glory in 2002, Fletcher added: “It was a fantastic night. Greenie was on vacation with his family, he was on one of the islands there. He said, ‘Sorry guys, I can’t do it.’ But he (arriving) ended up being a bit of a surprise. He said, ‘I can’t come up with all the bands on WhatsApp.’

“He had to get up and buy it [clothes]. He only had boards! Had to shop, went to Best and Les or something. He had shirts that were too big for him, his pants were too tight. He (still) got on the dance floor! “

But perhaps the most fitting story Greene gave to his teammates in 2015 was the 2016 season. In the year It’s the 2002 Grand Final — and his cheeky idea is to downplay the American tradition of dousing the winning coach in Gatorade.

“He went to Gatorade and said, ‘If we do this, what are you going to give us?'” Fletcher said.

“We organized $10,000 or something and used it for the trip! This was the first time it was done.

“He said: ‘If you do it for the stick, Gatorade is going to give us ten grand.’ We did, and Gatorade used that for a billboard the next year.

“We had never seen him before, he was really big in American sports.”

Unsurprisingly, it was my fellow larrikin Fletcher who helped carry the Gatorade ship.

Roosters coach Ricky Stewart is drenched in Gatorade by Brian Fletcher.Source: Getty Images

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