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Perez: European Super League ´still alive´, UEFA a ´monopoly´

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez said on Wednesday that his hopes for the European Super League were still alive.

Perez has historically been at the forefront of calls for European clubs to be excluded from the UEFA Champions League, and he was the chairman of last year’s split.

The five Premier League clubs withdrew from the Super League just days after the break-up.

Speaking on the El Chiringo program, Real Madrid’s president described the current structure of European football as “monopoly” for UEFA’s benefit and said that plans to leave European football had not been thwarted.

“He is still alive. There is a question in the Luxembourg court. “We believe we have the right to compete with UEFA in European society.

“We understand that UEFA is a monopoly and the 27th in Europe. [EU member states] The pillar is competitive. “

“We do not know this fear at all,” said UEFA President Alexander Seferrin.

“No, we want to win the Champions League. PSG is not our enemy. Chelsea or [Manchester] City. Everyone who competes is a friend, and we all agree ”

Kylian Mbappe, 75, expressed his regret over his decision to stay at Paris Saint-Germain, believing in internal pressure that he had chosen not to join Madrid, but that no one was better than the club.

“His dream was to play for Real Madrid, we wanted to do it last August and they didn’t let him, he said he wanted to play for Madrid and 15 days before that changed,” said Perez.

He changes, they offer him other things, they put pressure on him and he is already another football player.

“At Real Madrid there is no one better than the club. He is a great soccer player, he can win more than others, but it is a shared sport and we have values ​​and principles that we cannot change. I love him, he tried and the pressure changed and it is not easy.

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