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As the name implies, Melbourne Vikings were the hunters for the 2022 season – beating all their rivals – but the young Premier League, who suffered a concussion last weekend in midweek, will be lucky in Saturday night’s pre-season clash with the heroes.

Simon McKinnis’ side, who moved from the Premier League to the Spoon in 2021 after losing star midfielder Liz Watson due to injury, will not be able to start Kiara Austin under the Health and Safety Protocols.

The winner of the John Ken Arena will advance to the grand final of the West Coast Fever on July 3 at the Perth RAC Arena.

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The Wisconsin beat the Giants twice in 2022, winning 12 goals in the third round, three on the field and nine in the ninth round. But according to Australian diamond legend, Fox netball commentator and former Giant Kim Greens, this will mean little to Julie Fitzgerald’s side, who have won five of their last six games.

“The giants are not afraid of the Vikings, even if they suffer losses. For them (they are coming a long way in the end), they know the pressure is on Vixons. It’s another chance to play there, ”said Green.

She added that they would feel the weight of climbing straight after finishing the top.

“They are very oily, well-structured sides. They get their game plan to T and they nail it 99% of the time and that’s what we’ve seen this season.

But the other 1%, they do not seem to work and they are shocked. It can only happen once or twice a year, but when it does, you lose. Does it happen for two weeks in a row? Hard to know. I think they are very classic. ”

“I do not think we will see a definite disaster; It goes straight to the wire.

Kiera Austin is not a place for preparation.  (Photo by Daniel Pocket / Getty Images)
Kiera Austin is not a place for preparation. (Photo by Daniel Pocket / Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

The details

Melbourne Vikings (1) with Giant (3)

Saturday, 7pm AEST

John Ken Arena, Melbourne

Umpires: Jemma Cook and Tara Warner

Last time you met

Vixens 66 Giants 63, Round 9 wins

Required matches

Giants’ front-line defenders, April Branley in goal defense and Amy Parmenter, will replace Wickson’s attacking midfielder Rahni Samson Austin at left-back and winger Liz Watson will make progress for the orange women. Towards the Great Final, there is green.

In the big semi-final last weekend, West Coast closed out Fever Watson and I think Branley and Parmenter did the same thing and won the ball, because they weren’t good enough in the semi-final against Pace. It will be very important, ”she said.

Green Fever Coach Dan Ryan explained that the Vickens attackers’ plan to close the entire middle channel was “perfect” because “the Vixen attackers” could not play there.

“The obvious desire to go to the ball first”, which forced the referees to call, or did not, worked for the rest of the match, and worked for fever.

“The Vikks aren’t just throwing the ball up, so the Giants’ defenders have to win some of their own.

“Tillie McDonald’s is going to get her hands on the back of Mwai Kumwenda – the one who was 100% shot last week, so let’s not forget – so what’s going to happen in front of her is crucial. You can’t count on someone like Madi Hey to intervene when they do.

The giants lower the magpies by half | 01 ፡ 43


Green named his coaches Macinis and Fisgerald as the X-factor in the preliminary round.

“There are two smart coaches who can separate a game. Who comes up with the best game plan? That’s what I want to know. ”

Teams and players like to say the finals are ‘another match’, they are not, the finals are another game. “We’ve seen it happen, but coaches can still control the narrative if they do their homework,” said Green, who played 74 tests for Australia between 2008 and 2015.

“Everyone is doing their video analysis and I’m sure they understand what happened to Macintosh, but can she come up with a strategy in a week to prevent this from happening again?” And what can the giant fever learn if it can do it?

“Both coaches, who are as experienced as their players, should be under pressure,” said Green. “The best game plan for me is to win Game Day.”

Firebirds with Chief Trainer | 00:29

Amazing facts

Former Super Netball stats analyst Michael Hachsenon of Clues Radio now says the sides are similar in terms of final experience, with the Giants boasting 41 games and Vixons 40 boasting Austin’s departure. Giant has a slightly better winning record.

The team last played in the semi-finals of 2017 and the Giants easily won 65-57.

“Although the two teams look very different now, they have both had some players since then. For the Vikings are Cumenda, Watson, Kate Moloni, Joe Weston and M. Mannix, and for the Giants, Joe Harton and Jamie-Lee Price. All the key players, ”said Hachinson.

Austin – who scored 80% accuracy on the Old Giants this season – was also a key player, but Vicks announced Thursday afternoon that he will miss the game due to health and safety protocols, being replaced by teammate Ruby Barkmeyer. .

“Barkmeier played 11 games last season, 35/58 with 60% accuracy, including 5/13 super shots, and 38% accuracy,” said Hachinson.

She played in the pre-season Women’s World Cup in all of the Vixens. “In 160 total minutes 24/28 with 86%, 4/11 with 36% Super Shot and 10/11 in the last shot with the West Coast fever,” he said.

The last word

“It is very difficult to imagine how this game will turn out. Super Shot will be the key to the Giants and Joe Harton, who was really impressive on the pace. She is the only player in the series with 10 such amazing performances, not just two. I am supporting the heroes. ” – Kim Green

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