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The Daily Telegraph recommends Booth Rotfield NRL to follow the promotion and descent system.

In an article predicting the 2022 ladder, Rotfield said the NRL should take a leaf from a European football book.

As it stands, the Cavaliers, Bulldogs, Tigers, Warriors and Titans are struggling at the bottom of the ladder and are in danger of descending.

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Rotfield said the five teams were “creating the numbers” and their supporters were hoping the club’s favorite club would not be sent, adding that the relegation would stimulate public interest.

But NRL360 co-host Paul Kent criticized the idea, saying it not only increased interest at the end of the season but also had broad implications.

“The worst thing I have ever heard,” Kent said when Robotfield sent his thoughts on the NRL360.

“Have you seen European football? Have you seen the end of the season? Rotfield asked.

“Have you seen the Titans, Warriors, West Tigers, Bulldogs and Horsemen now? Last month no one was worried about those clubs. ”

Kent explains how difficult it will be to build a new list of newly-promoted clubs in the short term.

The dolphins, the new franchise of the NRL, have been working on their roster for eight months and have not been able to get a mark.

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“So, this is a time of ups and downs. This past year everyone has come down, who’s coming, Wynnum Manly with Queensland Com,” Kent said.

“Wynnum Manly: How do you work with the Pay Cap now when you win the Competition, then gather the team to start in November after you only win the Compass in September.

We have seen the problems that the dolphins are putting together.

“I mean, it takes more than two minutes here to get a better idea of ​​how it works,” said Rotfield.

Kent also explained that comparing the NRL to European competitions such as the English Premier League, La Liga and Bundesliga is unconvincing.

The Australian Rugby League has a salary cap and the top leagues in the world can spend as much as they want to get the most out of it.

“Just because European football does not have a salary cap, you can go out and buy whatever you want,” Kent said.

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“Buzz doesn’t work, it’s impossible,” said Daily Telegraph staffer Paul Crawley.

“I want to show interest in games at the end of the year. They’re saying it’s impossible since 1908. Be modern.”

“Where can you find these players around the world? Chelsea can go to La Liga,” Kent said.

“Bring a law that says the new team will be split in half a dozen players,” said Routfield.

“They ran last time. What are their players doing?” Kent said.

“You ran now. What did you lose?”

“Let’s meet at the stadium when the Cowboys play the Titans in the 23rd round and there are 200 people in the stadium,” said Rotfield.

In European football, a small number of teams usually dominate the league.

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No team outside the Bundesliga has won since 2009 without Borussia Dortmund or Bayern Munich.

Only Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and one-season champions Leicester City have won the Premier League since the 2004-05 season.

You also have to look back to 2003 to find the La Liga winner outside of the Red Devils, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona.

Eight of the last ten matches in Ligue 1 have been won by Paris Saint-Germain.

Meanwhile, 11 different clubs in the NRL have won the Premier League since 2004.

“Let me tell you about the NRL, now four or five teams can win the tournament. This is the third race, there is no English, Spanish, Italian competition. One third is the chances of winning the tournament,” Kent said.

However, Rotfieldfield argued that the competition was “beyond the scope of the post-graduation period” and that they had been awarded the minor Premier League title.

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“They don’t have a four- and five-team final, they have the top league table and they have to compete at the bottom,” he said.

“I think the NRL is doing a great job of being competitive. I think we need to start coming up with ideas to help the lower teams get there faster. Instead of spending five years growing up,” Kent said.

I think if the NRL is more fair and legitimate about the salary cap and the teams are not cheating, I think you will get a better deal with the lower teams.

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