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On July 13, in Brisbane, he questioned Maron’s patriot Dane Gagai’s position.

Gaga has made 21 appearances for Queensland but the center has missed an impressive 18 tackles in his first two games.

The 31-year-old made one of the best performances of the year by Blues star Matt Burton on Sunday night.

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They won the opening of the Maroons series, but one loser was NSW’s best player, Jack Wighton, and he played against Gagai.

Backrower Kurt Capewell and winger Hamiso Tabui-Fido played at Queensland centers last year and could replace Gagain at number four.

Captain David Fifita, who has played five games for Meron since 2019, could be replaced by David Fifita.

Of course, the Cowboys flyer, Tabai-Fidou and Titans front striker Fifita, have both been on the bench this season, swinging their clubs.

In any case, veteran rugby league journalist Phil Rotfield Gaga wants to see the game play for Ax III.

“They have to make changes. You’ve seen Dane Gaga’s defense in the first two games, ”Rotfield told NRL 360.

Maroons Dane Gagai missed 18 points in this series.  Getty Images
Maroons Dane Gagai missed 18 points in this series. Getty ImagesSource Fate-Getty Images

“He missed eight goals against Burton last night and 10 assists against Origen Jack Whiton a week ago.

“I just don’t think he is playing well.

“Capewell has to go to the centers and the first book they want to pick up in the next package is Patrick Carigan.”

But Queensland legend Cooper Kronk later said in a Rotfield review: “No, no.”

“Look, Dane Gaga is a proven player.

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“Gaga is a startup and I love the name and the stats of missing tails are coming in because you don’t have to touch the bear.

“Yeah, 18 tackles in two games (that’s a concern). I repeat – 18 tackles in two games and I say more because I know Dane Gagai will respond to that, he won’t miss a few balls in game three, he’ll respond to that.

“The other part is the adjustment on Dane, and I think Dali Cherry-Evans can play a role in this in a strategic way in terms of some of the places he has entered to secure the right edge. It’s better to defend.”

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