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Queensland Maroons def NSW Blues; analysis, errors, James Tupou, Stephen Crichton, news, video, updates

One of the most brutal, shocking and entertaining state conflicts in recent memory will be the fall of NSW Blues.

The 15-man Queensland team has produced one of the greatest and boldest startups ever to take control of NSW.

Like the brave Marons, they were the most precious mistakes of NSW night history.

It could have been a mistake for NSW as the Marons once again got more gear in their spiritual home.

‘Completely Funny’ – Freddie SLAMS ref | 01:05

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Blues right-back Daniel Tupuy started in the middle of the break when he missed a crucial shot by Dali Cherry-Evans.

After Queensland regained control of the field, the Blues struggled to take a 12-6 lead, but Tupu’s mistake gave the Marons a chance.

From the next set, like a clockwork, Queensland performed a miracle experiment for Kurt Capewell.

As a result, it got worse for the blue ones. When Jarom Lui was not to be thrown, the Blues threw a wild pass at his back.

Junior Paulo – brilliant in the opening – dropped the ball in the first half.

Magic Hunt moments seals series for QLD | 01:03

Cifa Talaki fouled NSW for foul play and other foul.

The Blues’ right-back Stephen Crychton threw the ball out of his own trinity when the NSB was forced to hit his back in the second half.

You got the idea.

When the big times came, they were owned by the Maroon.

Ben Hunt, 40/20, cleared the way for Kalin Pongan, especially in the second half.

‘Was it a dog call?’ | 01:16

The Queensland footballer also made a remarkable accusation against Nathan.

Marouane Captain Cherry-Evans was another key player in the second half, scoring an excellent overall ball, often hitting early in the game and leading the Blues’ efforts to an uncomfortable position.

It will be an opportunity for the heavenly beings to talk about all that is lost.

There are now 13 national decision-makers at the so-called Suncorp Stadium Cemetery, but the Blues have only won two in 1994 and 2005.

NSW were also very popular last Friday after the Marons kicked off the game with a man named Cameron Munster out of the game.

They put in a strong performance in the opening 40 minutes, but the second half – with only 15 players reduced to Queensland – was a huge setback.

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