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Queensland Maroons vs NSW Blues, player ratings, game three, James Tedesco, Nathan Cleary, Matt Burton, Stephen Crichton

James Tedesco tried his best but New South Wales went down to Queensland on 22-12 and was not strong enough to win the 2022 World Cup series.

The star Fulbach was the best of the Blues, with Jack Trbojevich’s efforts likely to go unnoticed, and Jacob Seifiti scored his first goal of the game in an unforgettable moment.

But Stephen Creekton, Daniel Tupu, and Siocefa Talakai were happy to be back.

Read the New South Wales Player Rankings from Home III.

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1. James Tedesco 7

Typically the Jack-in-the-Box power performance ball. It has been re-branded as the best fullback in the NRL and this means something given in the field of candidates.

2. Brian Too 6

It’s great for the Blues to do the hard half, but the Marons have been clever in their brilliant play.

3. Matt Burton 5

In the middle of the opening, place the bomb in the greatest fulfillment in history. Sin was imprisoned with the scent of Dane Gaga. It is not as widespread as in Origin II.

‘Was it a dog call?’ | 01:16

4. Stephen Criston 4

Bad reading when Val Homs tries to open the game. Queensland chose to take part in the game before it was too late to take the wild pass.

5. Daniel Tupu 4

A costly mistake in a half-hour stroke that ended up being a big time in the game. From the best display fair in the blue jumper.

6. Jerome Lui5

He took many risks, some good and some bad. It was a forest crossing with the game on the field. Strong opening half.

7. Nathan Claire6

He tried his best to play the opening half and Queensland’s back foot. Ben Hunt’s hard-boiled biscuit finally fills the chip.

16. Junior Paulo 5.5

From the beginning of the game, make the sound as the Blues’ chief executive. The first level is amazing. The second opening carrier has been discarded. Strongly confused with NSW on the back foot.

Maroons Tupou Pay for Critical Mistakes | 00:50


Like most of the Blues, the strong opening half was replaced by the second half. He made a strong, high-quality plan but could not stop the Maroons.


It was very crowded in the middle of the field, especially when the Blues were on their hind legs. Has provided 40 supports.


12. And Martin 6

He is a very involved and very unspoken cleanser. He enjoyed it even more, but it could not be for the blue ones.

13. Isaiah Jehu 6

He made 41 balls in defense but was not effective in terms of NSW attack.

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Darden’s dream begins at the beginning! | 00:30

8. James Saifiti6

Confusion of unlocking carrier as you fight in the game to confirm selection. He made a good attempt to put NSW 12-6 ahead in the opening half. Obviously it can accommodate a state-of-the-art furnace.

14. Damin Cook 5

Throwing NSW in the second half will always be a daunting task.

15. King Criston 6

In the first minute, Cameron Merey was forced out and worked on the blue left corner.

17. Discussion Association 4

A difficult night. There were good times in the second half, but it was a foul, just as it was on the NSW line.

Total 88

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