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Queensland Maroons vs NSW Blues, player ratings, game three, Kalyn Ponga, Tom Dearden, Ben Hunt

Kalin Ponga performed for Queensland 22-12 in New South Wales 22-12 to host the 2022 National Series.

When Cameron Munster came out, the Marons needed someone to get up and both Ponga and Ben Hunt – who had an impressive series of print attempts – did just that.

Munster’s replacement Tom Dordon, 21, had an incredible first game to play.

Read the original Queensland player rankings for Origin III.

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From the Star Master’s Perfect Master Class. Experimental completed 226 meters, 16 buses, two lanes and four trucks.

In the opening minutes of the second half, either on the ball or on a spectacular break, Ponga suffered a severe headache on the left edge of NSW … and his effort put Queensland in front.

After the rest of the Ponga Blues No. 1 came a crucial one-on-one against James Tedesco.


For the first two minutes, a sick head knocked and did not return.

3. Valentine Holmes 8

He participated from start to finish and was awarded the first try of the night. It is completed with 86 running meters, seven buses, a line break and two loads. His statistics, however, do not justify his efforts.

‘Was it a dog call?’ | 01:16

4. Dane Gagai 6

For an original patriot, he needed to know more than just losing his temper and starting something with Blues Center Matt Burton. He was imprisoned for his sins and did not bring the kind of performance we used to see him on the stage.

5. Core Ots 6.5

He had a relatively quiet first 40 but came alive in the second half with 132 meters and five buses.

6. Tom Dardon 8.5

The first event to be celebrated for 21 years. Surprisingly, Cameron Munster had to fill his big shoes and he didn’t seem to be out of place. Within 10 meters of the line, he came up with a rescue attempt against Lim Martin and for the first attempt of the night, he threw a double-pass to the Valentine Holmes. After some good hands, he was approached for a second attempt to catch the download and move to Corey Oates but was called forward.

Darden’s dream begins at the beginning! | 00:30

7. Dali Cherry-Evans 8

In the following years, the Marons returned the ball and scored a goal. Captain Pongan threw the ball into the net and fired the perfect chip.

8. Lindasay Collins N.A.

During the first four minutes, Daniel hit his head and did not return.

9. Ben Hunt 9.5

Despite a strong defense in the first half, the fatigue began before the break with a weak ball to Tino Faasumalei. In the second half he stole one by one, kicked 40/20 and dropped Nathan Creek’s 60-meter dash for a series of victories.

10. Josh Papalie 7.5

He had limited chances in the first two games, but Collins was shot when he was forced to play in the big minutes after the HI.

In the first half, Nathan Kryri tried a shot on goal, but it didn’t work out in the end.

It is completed with 101 meters, two buses and a single load.

11. KURT Capwell 7.5

Mr. Fox of Queensland had to go to the centers within two minutes and did not take any further action. It was not a chance for Queensland to be there for the second night.

12. Jeremiah Nanai 7

Unexpected alliance with the temporary center Capewell, some amazing touches and many times on the right edge. He was dangerous with the ball in his hand and struggled a bit, losing 11 balls.

16. Patrick Carrigan 8.5

His name will not be in the headlines, but as expected, the ball went into a rebuilt mountain on both sides. He led the team in both running meters (120) and tackles (40). Carigan’s first series of efforts was recognized by the Broncos striker, who was named the player of the series.

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Absolute CARNAGE with ‘Throwing in the 80’s’ 01 ፡ 31

13. Medical Body 7

He was seated before the game, but Collins came out on the field more than expected. He was punished for firing on Matt Burton and was not a destructive character until he got some big shots towards the end of the game.

14. Harry Grant 7.5

He arrived in the middle of the first half and took some time to find his way. Once he found it, he really came to life and kicked Queensland in half an hour to score.

15. Jay Arrow 7

He finished with just one goal in 69 yards and 25 balls.

17. Tom Gilbert 6.5

In the second minute, Kobo was forced off the field more than expected. Jacob Seifiti had two weak times in defense, but he did not give up in the final 10 minutes with pressure points.

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