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Queensland Maroons vs NSW Blues, report card, game three, Brad Fittler, Nathan Cleary

Brad Fetler should wear the Blues’ criticism of the decision-maker’s defeat and he will lose this game at the table.

Meanwhile, the Blues stars were hoping to reach the age of majority, but were unable to complete the task.

Here at is a New South Wales report card for Origin III.

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Let’s start later. James Tedesco He took a firm stand for attack and defense. In just half an hour, he finished the game in 243 meters with 151 meters, four buses and one line crop. The brutal competition called the real game attacker was Tedesco, which seemed a lot in the later stages of the game. He had a few key attempts to save and was always confident of clearing Queensland’s shots. Going to the wings, Brian Too And Daniel Tupou More than 250 meters and 13 buses combined. In the state of New South Wales, trying to reach as many meters as possible was difficult. In fact, Tupu made the mistake of attempting to bomb Queensland, a talented Blues line-up led by Kurt Capewell. Both Tutu and Too did their best and NSW was not the reason for Wednesday’s decision. Matt Burton – 23 Meter Race, Three Turning Buses – Queensland was already on fire when it hit the right edge, but it is safe with good connections in any way. A few rolling bombs.

Stephen CricktonLike Burton in Queensland. He finished with 76 meters and five tackles, and made 21 assists with four defeats but was very friendly on Valentine’s Day. The center made a decision when it dropped the ball back into the goal.

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That seems unfair Nathan Creerie He was charged in Queensland for ending the winning streak because in the 11th minute he was forced to interrupt the ball and the Blues tried to score. Many NSW fans had hoped it would produce something similar to Game Two, but it didn’t. Clyri led his side well but could not intimidate – or could not change the game in the final 10 minutes. Partner of Cleary’s Half, Jarom Lui They made the Blues’ first attempt of the night, and in the first half they had a crucial cover attempt against Kalin Ponga. But then he had two bad experiences in the attack and struggled to stab himself.

Stage: c

in the future

Junior Paul He knew the task at hand. The attacking midfielder, who made his debut in the first half, ran 81 meters and hit three tackles and threatened to stay off the field in each case. In the second half, he did not show the same effect, but when the gas started to run out, he still finished with 116 runs and five tackles and 15 goals with three goals. Jack Trbojevich It was all effort. In just 77 meters, he lost 40 balls to zero. Liam Martin He was strong but he was more defensive than usual in running strong lines in the attacker, but it was the same story. Isaiah Jehu.He made 41 balls and didn’t seem to have the energy to play as usual. Api Corissa did not run at all, but he tried to help when Jacob sent Seifiti under the envelopes. Cam Murray For the first two minutes, he was unlucky.

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Although NSW did not win, James Safety After a good start, he can hold his head high. Knights prop Jordan McLean left the camp before rushing in and taking the opportunity with both hands. Safety completed the 118-meter race – in front of any blues – with five buses and a test lane. Angels Creekton Completing 116 running meters, five buses and three trucks has had a small impact on the bench. James also had a well-received tackle, but missed six. Joseph Talakai He came with two large bullets when he was attacked by propaganda, but it was the night he wanted to forget. Under the leadership of the experiment, he had to miss the crucial battle against Kalin Ponga and knock on two keys – one when the game was on balance. Sometimes he was trying hard to awaken the blue ones and you could say he was successful. In the meantime, Damien Cook He did not arrive until the 52nd minute. He only took one run but lost 23 tackles.

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There will be many critics after Brad Fittler following the series of losses as he returned to Queensland for the second time in three years. The Maroons have only lost twice in Queensland in 43 years, so the series is probably lost together. After making seven changes to the team that won the opening series, Fetler had to admit that he had made a mistake and that Queensland had won the series. Fittler’s team in Game Three deserves credit for their efforts, one of the most brutal and high-quality startups ever. But his team was guilty of some poor mistakes. Fittler may not be able to push too hard for Latrell Mitchell and, in particular, to thwart his decision to play the choice of a hero, Jack White. He chose to live and die in the Panthers team and while they were brave, some of their stars were found. For the second time in three years, Fitler chose the team that had crushed the Marons in Perth and went to Queensland to wrap up the crucial one. You need the right players to go to Queensland and win a decision-maker, and Fittler didn’t pick them up easily.

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