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Rafael Nadal will play at Wimbledon, Grand Slam charge, foot injury, wife pregnant with baby

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal says he plans to play at Wimbledon on Friday, but his final decision will be on how his left foot will feel after completing his training in London next week.

“My goal is to play at Wimbledon,” Nadal told a news conference in Mallorca.

“The treatment and the last training week tell me there is a chance. I will travel to London on Monday, play at the Hurlingham Exhibition and do a week’s training to see if it is possible.”

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Nadal said he felt “sleep” on his left leg in the final of the French Open on June 5 – still beating Casper Root to win the 22nd Grand Slam Championship.

Nadal, who has confirmed he will be a father for the first time, traveled to Barcelona last week to begin a “radio frequency stimulation” treatment aimed at reducing neurological pain.

Nadal’s spokesman said the treatment would “temporarily numb” the nerves in his leg.

The 36-year-old had his first session on the grass at the Mallorca Country Club in Santa Ponka on Monday and has consistently stepped up his training this week.

“I’ve noticed a difference, a little weird to be honest,” Nadal said.

“With nerve treatment, things happen in your foot, sometimes one part of the leg is numb, sometimes another.

“It is obviously normal and after a few weeks the nerves will be reorganized.

“I’m happy. I feel a little sick, but it’s different than before, and this is a development for me.

Raphael Nada chases history. Photo by JAIME REINA / AFPSource: AFP

Nadal won Wimbledon twice in 2008 and 2010. Last year he missed the tournament due to a similar left ankle injury and the 2020 tournament was canceled due to the epidemic, meaning Nadal is hoping to make his debut for the All-Star. English club in three years.

This means that Nadal is now chasing Calendar Grand Salam, and In 1969, he became the first single player to win the race after the Osc Road Laver.

“I will travel to London, play two matches there before the tournament and follow my regular schedule for Wimbledon,” said Nadal.

“Who knows what will happen in two days – if the situation changes or something more negative (happens) there will be time to explain.”

But I traveled to Wimbledon and looked forward to playing for the first time in three years.

“Their plan is to play Wimbledon, rest, then Canada and then the US Open,” he said.

Nadal has had both great wins so far this year. Photo by Clive Brunskill / Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Nadal’s performances at Wimbledon were relatively unchanged and he acknowledged that a lack of practice on the grass could put him at risk earlier this year.

“Playing well with Roland Garros helps level of confidence but grass is a different page and there is little logic for these things,” said World No. 4.

“I have not played on the grass for three years and it will be difficult. The first round will be crucial – the more you pass through them, the harder the opponents will be, but the more they play.

The first few games played by people with recent experience in these courts were a small lottery.

Then he turned to personal matters and said: “If all goes well, I will be a father.

“I’m not used to talking about my personal life. I prefer to keep my low profile. I don’t think this means a change in my professional life.” Said Nadal.

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