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Reece Walsh to Brisbane Broncos, salary cap, contract value, how the club can afford Warriors star

The signing of Brisbane’s Reyes Walsh seems to have come as a surprise, but the fact that the club welcomes the growing star is the result of a long-running work.

Walsh, 19, is set to join the club he left last year after being released by New Zealand fighters two years before his contract expires.

Walsh is one of the most sought after talents in the game, and the Broncos have been able to defend against the urgency of the cross-country dolphin rivals.

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The fact that the Broncos have a salary cap to accommodate the Walsh is a result of some serious calls over the past two years.

Jameine Isako, once considered the club’s longest-serving fullback player, was released in the middle of the season to join the Gold Coast Titans, and prostitute Jack Turpin has been told he can leave at any time before his contract expires. Those exits alone are expected to free up to $ 500,000 in capital.

That was after Kevin Walters made some tough calls in his first year in charge of the Broncos, including the likes of Tevita Pangai Jr., Matt Lodge and Anthony Milford.

Brisbane will lose Brenko Lee (Dolphin) and Rice Kennedy (Hull Kerr, Super League) at the end of the season, with a number of players out of contract – Ryan James, Albert Kelly, Te Meyer Martin, David Med, Corey Ots, Kenan Pallasia and Billy Walters. . When James and Med realize they will retire at the end of the season, Martin will be offered a reduced deal. Others may miss the point, although the contracts of stars Celwin Kobo, Harby Farnworth and Patrick Carigan have recently been extended, and the club are determined to accept Walsh.

As a Mail According to the report, the Walsh Broncos contract does not break the bank and is a relatively small improvement over the current $ 400,000 competition.

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The signature represents a significant coup for Walters and Broncos’ front office, including football and executive director Ben Ekin and CEO Dave Donagin.

Shortly after his appointment at the start of the year, Ekin said Broncos’ listing strategy would be based on youth development rather than signature.

“Between the top 30 and the development list, we have a core team of players where we can build our future. We only want to go to the market in a special way, ”said Ekin.

That “unusual” situation was when Walsh wanted to return to Australia and was ready to hit the Broncos.

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