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Indigenous referee Ashley Klein was divided over his performance in Sunday’s second game.

Klein allowed a free race on the opening of the series and cried out as Queensland took control and won a shock victory.

NSW coach Brad Fetler prompted them to complain about refereeing in Game I – especially around Rook – and Klein led the match in second in a different way.

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Felise Kaufusi, Meron’s companion, was arrested for a half-hour foul, confirming a decision to change the game.

The Blues scored 36 unanswered points.

Veteran rugby league journalist Phil Rotfield has argued that he would like to have a series of referees on the NRL 360.

Rotfield had no problem with the trash can, but Klein was thrilled to win so many sets in Game II.

“Suddenly, after Freddie’s meeting with NRL, Ashley Klein decided to re-introduce the six, and I want consistency,” said Rotfield.

Ashley Klein on Sunday night.  Getty.
Ashley Klein on Sunday night. Getty.Source approached

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That comment prompted NRL 360 host Paul Kent to call it “impossible” to be consistent in every game.

“This is a problem that referees have to put in their pockets for Origen Fisca. In this day and age, the players are so smart and well-trained that they use it,” Kent said.

“In the first game we saw Queensland use the stick and the NSW was not smart enough to wear cotton.

“After the game, Freddy knew that and he was worried and he took it to the referees and asked, ‘What’s the deal here?’

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“Klein had to respond, he sat there (to the players) and you guys couldn’t get out there and tell yourself. Rules are rules. “

But before Kent called the question “dirty,” Rotfield doubled.

“Initially, six times more damage than in a Premier League game.

“You don’t need it in the series. There is no greater burden than this idea. You want consistency. ”

“Of course you need consistency. The same rules, the same interpretations, the same thing every week, every week, is very important,” Rotfield said.

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