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NRL head coach Graham Anesley admits two controversial decisions were made in the 16th round.

The first was on Friday night at the crucial point of the Panthers-Roster clash, with Peneriz’s side kicking off what was considered a dangerous penalty for Sam Verilles.

The moment in the 39th minute seemed harmless, but referee Gerard Sutton was able to hit Scott Sorenson in the face.

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In his 16th round brief, Annesley said: “In the history of the game, many agree that it is a copycat book.

“Sorenson went over his shoulder, there was no lift, you can see it dripping there, Verrellis fell to the ground while doing the technique.

“We do not believe there is any reason for this action.

“This is by no means an excuse, if you are in the judge’s view, what he sees may help you in time.

“He sees Sorenson coming up from the top and he goes to the field first. It’s not what anyone wants to see, it’s not the opponent’s fault.

“From a football player’s point of view, the wrong thing to do is to copy a notebook.

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“It was not a heinous crime, and it should not have been a punishment.”

Then on Sunday afternoon, the Raiders were robbed of a chance to score a free kick to send their clash with the Dragons to a golden point.

As Ben Hunt and Jack Bird deliberately slowed the ball down, the Canberra hosts caught the ball in front of goal in the fifth minute.

Before Hunt was charged, the robbers were awarded six times – to beat half-star Tom Starling – Anesley said he should have been punished.

But that’s not all, the NRL boss explained the punishment and took the lead for Flopp and the outside call until the fifth.

“In this case, we believe there were two reasons why he should have been punished,” Anesley said.

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The QLD team escaped when the Cowboys Bolter received a shocking call.

“Before you play Tapin, you hear referee Ben Hunt calling him for three different occasions.

A lot of people are talking about Ben Hunt, but they don’t know how to do it. Turn around, turn around, turn around, turn around, turn around.

“Before he gets up to play the ball, he gives Ben Hunt flopping six again on the tape.

“It’s a square or not, it’s a relatively close call.

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“We can see here, Hunt is kind of side-by-side, side by side has an upper body.

Remember that when the ball moves behind the foot, when it passes the foot, the ball will be free from the wheel.

But you can see Hunt standing sideways to solve half.

Vision Hunt is not square, and Judge Peter Gow has ruled that he should be punished before highlighting two other opportunities to blow the whistle.

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“In most cases, we want Dumi-Halves to clean up the ball. In most cases, when you look at such a technique, there is a penalty,” said Ansley.

“In our view, this should have been a punishment.

“There are three instances, side by side, flop and then half-blood.

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