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Referee Gerard Sutton, Sam Verrills tackle, Raiders and Dragons controversy, the Bunker removed, Roosters and Panthers penalty, NRL360

NRL360 host Bryce Anastas Judge Gerard Sutton has ruled that Roster prostitute Sam Verrillis is one of the “worst calls” ever.

During the Panthers’ and Roster clashes on Friday night, Sutton Verilis blew his whistle and blew his whistle on Penny’s striker Scott Sorenson.

Spectators are confused by the penalty and believe the youngster paid for Trent Robinson’s game.

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The call gave Ivan Crippa’s team another set-up and led to a crucial Panthers test.

“There were a lot of big calls in this game, I don’t care who you go to, you watch that game with the Panthers, the referee was awful,” said Anastas.

“It cost the Roosters a game. This is one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen.”

“Isn’t this a textbook for a great friend?” Asked the Daily Telegraph.

Paul Kent, co-host of the NRL360, said: “I thought Verils had fallen. The penalty was to put the ball in a dangerous position. He didn’t put it anywhere.”

“It was a terrible, horrible decision,” Rotfield said.

Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph’s Booth Rotfield said mistakes were being made and that the NRL should re-introduce a second referee.

In the middle of the 2020 season, the NRL controversially cut the system of two judges due to the cost of the Covide-19 epidemic.

“One of the worst calls I’ve ever seen!” | 03 ፡ 34 34

Now, Rotfield wants to look back at the competition to reduce the amount of critical mistakes being made.

“Since 2010, 80 NRL clubs have coached, professionally or with some of these mistakes online, when border clubs struggle for their lives, when they struggle to make eight, they are the victims of these mistakes,” Rothfield said.

“I think they have to get the second judge back.”

“They care, they get paid for their professionalism, but they have no idea about the game,” Kent said.

“I’m really sorry for them, Kanty, because the game and the rules are changing and the pace is changing, which is why I think they need more help, they just need someone to judge the judge,” Rothfield said.

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The QLD team escaped when the Cowboys Bolter received a shocking call.

“Maybe Sutton had a bad night and we all have bad nights as players. You know what happens when you have a bad night, sometimes you don’t play next week,” said Anastasia.

“As far as Verily One, the technology is working, everyone has seen it,” said the Daily Telegraph’s David Richie.

“Once he says he can’t go, oh, wait, this isn’t a punishment, it’s too late, that’s what I mean, he had a bad night,” said Anastas.

“He was shocked, he had a brain explosion, he had something shocking.”

‘If exploited NRL enters’ | 03 ፡ 25 25

Meanwhile, Ben Hunt, who was involved in the Dragons and Flying Clashes, once again used the gap in the six-point rule to deny Ricky Stuart’s side a chance to equalize and extend the game to a golden point.

Kent believes that if the law is deliberately violated in order to benefit, it should be removed from the game.

NRL Football Director Graham Anesley apologized to the robbers in a statement in the 16th round, but Kent believes it is time for action.

Kent said:

“Six re-rules should be eliminated from the game, we were all in it and it was poetic and it had some great benefits.

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But this is a bad law when you have a law that benefits you more than breaking the law and prosecuting it instead of obeying it.

“The dragons here put everything down and broke the rules, because one of the six knew again, otherwise, that was a mistake, but it went that way, it didn’t hurt.

Anastasia: “If you deliberately break the rules, you are a sinner, Ben Hunt has done it twice.

So far this season, Kent believes Ricky Stuart Reds have lost their chance to win points.

At the beginning of the year, Matt Lodge had a late penalty kick that allowed the Warriors to score a free kick and the game to a golden point, and now the Dragons used the six-point rule again.

“We don’t want any regrets after Game 3” | 03 ፡ 48

Currently, the team from the capital is ranked 11th on the ladder, but is in the top eight with four more points.

“We have sacked three coaches this season. The fourth is looking over his shoulder. Raider is on 14 points. You give them two points. – All in all, send it to the golden point, ”said Kent.

“In the first year of the Warriors’ game, Matt Lodge admitted that he had dived in, and then put the game on a golden point where the Warriors won, placing the Warriors on 18 points and eighth.

“Each club will tell you the difference between that eighth and 10th.

“This is very important when you have two game decisions that cost the Redeemer and the Rider four points.

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“It’s not enough to sit there every time and make that mistake. Sorry, good luck next week. As a result, the warriors will lose their jobs.”

“We do not need another judge,” said Anastasia.

“You’ve got the Chief Justice. You have a lot of people in the banker.”

But the bottom line is that our current system is not working and the two teams on 14 points have been deceived over the weekend, according to Rotfield.

“There is no sense in the game. Anyone who has watched that game over the weekend has seen it as a deliberate mistake to stop the thugs from winning the game,” Kent said.

“It had to be a penalty but when the referee passes through the checkpoints he has no feelings for the game.”

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