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Sharks’ Bridon Trindal was top of the New South Wales Cup and a crucial victory over New Jets to jump from fourth to second.

Meanwhile, the much-anticipated Bulldogs have recovered from their injuries, and Brisbane’s Tessie New has easily recovered after surgery.

It was a week of three big men with more than 200 meters running, but Tyran Whishart could be a versatile player. Find out which unexpected place was played and more in the most recent backup grade package.

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‘It was a very emotional call’ | 02 ፡ 36

All eyes are on.

Sharks player Bryden Trindale He had the ball on the ropes in New Zealand’s Jets 28-16 win over the Bulldogs. Thrindale spent the first five rounds of the first round, playing all but one game on the bench before returning to the NSW Cup this weekend.

The 22-year-old found the back of the net, finding the back of the net, finding the back of the net, assisting on a free kick and a free kick, but the ball bounced off 40/20, two forced interceptions and 482 shots.

“I’m working hard on a treadmill and I can play when I see things. “A few shots went wrong today but most of them were very good and they were good,” Trinal told the Fox League after the game.

Bulldogs Binary Matt Doorey And Braidon burns They responded to the much-anticipated injury. Dorey played on the bench in his first game after beating ACL in the 24th round last season, while Burns made his debut in the sixth round after suffering a hamstring injury.

Burns set up an experiment, got a line breaker and three buses to go the 117-meter race. Dore knocked his head off the bench 32 minutes, 46 yards, a bass, 14 tackles, and a few stitches.

The wings of sharks Matt Ikuvalu He suffered a neck injury and returned to the field for eight weeks. Ecuvalu registered 167 running meters and three buses for the jets.

Still on returns, Tessie Nu He recovered from a hamstring injury in the 6th round and returned to work.

Broncos confirmed There is no new risk of injury – the gradual entry of Neun is part of his return to the game.

Leopard Center Oliver Gilbert He played for the Maggie Fulba over the weekend and completed the crossing assistant, three buses and 138 meters.

Jack Clifford With two attempts, he was again in charge of the Cavaliers’ W-Cape team, as well as two line-ups, two hit buses and a 93-meter run.

Blake Taffe He played the current NSW Cup game. For Cody Nicorima, 23-year-old Fulham was playing the eighth and eighth weeks before he was sent off. He finished with two assists, 50 runs and 20 rebounds.

And Ellis Patriot Nathan Brown He is doing his best to get back to Brad Arthur 17. The 29-year-old finished the NSW Cup 16-14 with 168 yards and 40 goals. Rabbi.

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The Panthers survived the Bears back 24-20 to win. Ails locked by Ails Jamein Hopgud He has completed 175 meters, four buses and 50 cars on a long-lost mountain.

His teammate, center Thomas JenkinsAlso, try one day with an amazing try, an assist – even though Sen. Osulivan Boot deserves half-time – 145 running meters and 23 balls with zero.

He was also a favorite of Roosters fans. Sandon Smith He is a future star with two test assistants, three online assistants, three tackle buses and 95 meters.

Meanwhile, the NSW Cup’s biggest meter-eater ahead Terrell May At 230 meters – 94 post-contract – line breaks, four buses and 23 taxis returned with zero.

But May did not add meters to the projects last weekend. Manley Kurt de Lewis 296 meters – 115 post-contact – as well as a hit bus and 46 tackles with four defeats by Blackboard staff 20-10 defeat by Montice.

Just behind De Louis, North Pride won the 110kg.

Hayes Perham He played a key role in Els’ two-point victory: Test, Test Assistant, Line Break, Line Break, Two-Tick Bass and 131 Meters, Ipswich Denzel will burn. He also spent a day with two tests, a test assistant, two line breaks, a line breaker, and nine breast implants.

The rugby of the storm changed Will Warbrick For the Sunshine Coast Falcon, it was back in action and proved difficult to cope with the 243-meter run, crossing and six-turn buses.

And outside the Cowboys Ken Bradley He scored an attempt, set up another, broke the line, six tackle buses and ran 166 meters and won the 30-24 South Logan in Macau.

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Ref final punishment for raiders! | 01:04


Bulldogs half back Bailey Bayondi-Odo He wears the No. 2 jersey and dies in a car accident for his best friend Faroe Perscel.

Pursell played in the rugby league and was a winger. In a clash with Newton, the Bulldogs scored a stunning goal in the corner and pointed to the Fox League after the game.

Our thoughts are with the Persell family.

Is there a position? Tiran Whishart Can’t play? Two months ago, Whisharth played for Hurricane Fulba and over the weekend he played for the Sunshine Coast Falcons. Although not his favorite venue – the 22-year-old signed as a backup prostitute in the hurricane but played a lot of reserve football in the half. Although he did not face off, he finished the game with a test assists, interceptions, 138 yards and 33 balls with zero balls.

Broncos young gun Blake Moser He made his Queensland Cup debut for South Logan on Sunday. The 18-year-old played from the bench and finished with three assists, an interception, 88 runs and 21 balls.

It opens a big month for Mozart, who has signed a new two-year deal with the Broncos and represented Queensland in the Under-19s.

Meanwhile, last Sunday Dragons-Raiders Due to the wet weather, the conflict was postponed.

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