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Elias Winnington won the gold medal in the men’s 400m freestyle final in Budapest on Saturday.

Australia’s Lucas Martens of Brazil finished third in 1.63 seconds, followed by Brazil’s Gilherme Pereira da Costa in 3 minutes, 41.22 seconds.

Winnington said he was determined to enjoy the experience.

Silver medalist Lucas Martens of Germany, Gold medalist Elias Winnington of Australia and Brazil bronze medalist Gilherme Costa. (Photo by Quinn Rooney / Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

“I was not focusing on results,” the 22-year-old told reporters.

“You’ve probably seen me go out. I’m looking around and enjoying the experience. This is my first world championship. This is the second international personal event outside the Olympics. The Best in Me ”

Winnington came out fast and ran both 100m and 200m.

“Fun is fast, and that’s what it did tonight,” he said, adding that he was quick to “destroy” rivals Martens and Austrian Felix Obock.

Martin took first place after 250m and 300m after a world record of 0.8 seconds.

Winnington was the seventh disappointment at last year’s Olympics final. Ahmed Hafnaw, the stunning winner of Tokyo Gold Medal, did not enter Saturday’s race.

Elijah Winnington finishes. (Photo by ISZA / AFP)Source: AFP

In the early morning heat Winnington faded and was eventually captured by Obock. The Australian had a reserve this time around and overcame the Wilting Martins in the final 50m.

Winnington: “I did not want to look like a coke, but I knew in my heart that I would become a world champion.

O’Brien could not repeat his victory as Pereira da Costa finished fifth to third in the final.

It was the fifth-fastest and most streamlined bodywear ever banned.

The victory marked the end of a decade-long Asian dominance. In 2011 South Korea Park Te-Hawa won, while China’s Sun Yang won the next four.

Elijah Winnington celebrates after winning gold in the men’s 400m freestyle final. (Photo by Quinn Rooney / Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

In the Australian women’s 4x100m relay, the fifth fastest time in history is 3 minutes and 30.95 seconds.

Emma Mackon and Campbell’s sisters Kate and Bronte may have disappeared, but that was not enough to stop Australia.

During this time, Molly Okalagan, Madi Wilson, Meg Harris and Shaina Jack joined forces to take home the Australian gold medal.

“Everyone did their job,” Wilson said.

In other news, 15-year-old Katie Ledek of Canada won the 400m World Championships and won gold at the 16th World Championships.

Ledek In the 2019 World Cup, she lost to Australia’s Aryan Titms, who overcame Budapest to become an Olympic champion and world champion.

Ledek won 3: 58.15 seconds and three-quarters seconds outside the world record. Macintosh also dived in less than four minutes, with American Leah Smith taking bronze in 4 ፡ 02.08.

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