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Richmond Tigers player ratings vs Brisbane Lions, Second Elimination Final, highlights, stats, best and worst players

Captain Toby Nankervis was impressively unable to do much for his side.

But a few big men struggled on the final stage in a disappointing loss to Richmond.

We’ve rated 23 Richmond players for their performance in the second final against Brisbane.

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1. Nick Vlastuin

Excellent defense. The match was early on by Eric Hipwood, but with a few Tigers forwards, he was as free as possible. He was the No. 1 interception player on the floor. He unleashed his ferocious booty in the third period which led to the Richmond forward line and Tom Lynch’s goal. He marked the ball strongly and was effective with his feet. 8

3. Dion Prestia

It was close to half time due to the injury. Devon Robertson had the most stops for company. He had three tackles in his first season but generally held up well for most of the first half. But as soon as the Lions got a run in, Prestia came alive to rouse the Tigers, winning several clearances and setting the side’s tone through the middle. Then came Hammy’s blow – a big blow at that. 5

4. Dustin Martin

A solid game without being too good. Darcy Gardiner’s shot went straight up the middle for the sleepers. It came late in the Tigers’ first game of the season for the opening goal. 6

5. Jack Ross

What time to play the game of your life. He started on the wing next to Mitch Robinson but was pushed to center, especially after Dion Precia was sidelined. Scored a huge team-lifting goal during Richmond’s impressive run. He won a lot of hard football, but was clean on foot, finishing with 23 tackles, nine contested possessions, eight marks and eight tackles. 8

6. Robbie Tarrant.

He picked up Joe Daniher with the first ball, but after Oscar McInerney’s conversion forced a goal, he spun through a few players. He looked strong one-on-one in defensive contests. 5

7. Liam Baker

One of his quietest games in a while, struggling to make an impact most nights. He had six touchdowns in the final quarter. 3

8. Jack Riewoldt

Clutch! He had Jack Payne for company earlier. Despite a quiet start to the game, he kicked the required goal late in the second round to give the side a lift. Then he stepped up when it mattered most in the fourth period, scoring a miraculous shot and adding another. It also created a lot of defensive pressure. Maybe he’ll sign a new one-year contract with that performance. 6

9. Trent Cochin

The veteran had some big moments. He was on the first throw to center, but set the tone with his good work rate to center. In the first quarter, Tom Lynch scored on a spectacular field goal that set up a big team inside the 50. 6

10. Shane Edwards (Sub)

He was dropped on Wednesday night but held on after Dion Prestia suffered a hamstring injury before halftime. He had no impact in the second half before making a spectacular running tackle late in the final quarter. 2

15. Jayden Short

The kick was spot on, setting up the Tigers impressively at half back. He got more range than any other Tigers player. He finished with 20 appearances and six points. 7

Daniel Rioli scored. Picture: Russell FreemanSource: Getty Images

17. Daniel Rioli

He continues his impressive 2022 campaign. He scored the first goal and won the game from center back in a spectacular fashion, touching 17 shots and saving 91% of the ball. 6

19. Tom Lynch

He came out in big moments. He was caught by Harris Andrews and didn’t have many first chances to run and jump on the leg. He scored in the second and added two in the third. 3.2 from 14 disposals and scraped four contested points. 7

21. Noah Balta

Dan McStay started the game. Defensively, he consistently won the ball for the Tigers. Completed with six interceptions and walked 100 percent. 6

Toby Nankervis is leading the team. Picture: Chris HydeSource: Getty Images

25. Toby Nankervis

Colossal Captain Game. He made the most of the Lions without their No. 1 hitter and dominated in the standings, hitting and winning tackles all night. Strong numbers at the end of the game: 26 tackles, 18 contested possessions and nine turnovers, 13 of 41 possessions benefiting a teammate. 9

28. Josh Gibkus

According to Channel 7’s Brian Taylor, he dropped several signs and had a “fumble touchdown.” It looks like the event has arrived for him. 2

29. Tea Bolton

small wastes, High Influenced in the first half – then fell in the second. He had an early challenge but recovered quickly to score a terrific goal from the penalty spot. Another added in the second term, an impressive left-footed swim showing poise and balance. He was the No. 1 rated player at halftime, despite having only seven tackles. Then, just three touchdowns in the second half – completely gone. 5

33. Kamdyn McIntosh

He started on the wing next to Jarrod Berry. He scored an impressive third-quarter goal to finish with 14 goals. 5

35. Nathan Broad

It started with Charlie Cameron and he definitely had his hands full. He finished with 13 touchdowns and four interceptions. 4

38. Noah Cumberland

A tough night to cap off a fantastic back-end of the season. He pounced on a loose Darcy Gardiner kick to give Richmond the lead late in the second period. It was about him. 2

40. Tyler Sonsie

In the first half, he played with more football and maturity than years, but finished with the worst football performance on the field. He started at half-forward and had seven disposals in the first round and 15 at half-time. He scored in the second half, but it was one of two goals in the second half. Still, a fantastic effort from the 19-year-old. 6

46. ​​Ben Miller

He played primarily in defense but also played in the outfield. Overall, his time on the ground was limited, but he had 14 hits and three contested marks. 5

49. Maurice Rioli

He was involved in everything early, setting up the Tigers’ points and applying a ferocious defensive pressure for most of the night. He scored 12 field goals and finished third among all Tigers players in pressure. 6

50. Marlion Pickett

A terrific scrimmage punctuated the first quarter, which included seven interceptions and two interceptions. He worked hard as a link man on the flanks and wings, with 23 clearances, nine contested possessions, six marks and six interceptions. 6

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