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Ricky Stuart under fire for outburst at Jaeman Salmon, weak gutted dog, Raiders vs Panthers, Round 21

Corey Parker has never seen an incident as spectacular as Raiders coach Ricky Stewart’s on Panthers five-eighth Jayman Salmon, and he believes it’s not a good look for the game.

Stewart called Salmon a “dog with a weak gut” after he was reported for kicking Raiders hooker Tom Starling in the groin.

“Very strong language by Ricky Stewart calling Jayman Salmon a dog with a weak gut as a child and now a dog with a weak gut as a human,” Yvonne Sampson said on the Fox League.

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“It’s a low kick. It was a penalty and it was reported. But was Ricky Stewart offside here?

Parker admitted public anger was a poor look for Stewart and the NRL, saying it would be different if he was a coach and two players on the field in the heat of battle.

“It doesn’t look good from Ricky Stewart’s optics,” Parker said.

“He’s in a position of power and he’s a coach. He was clearly upset. His team is currently on life support as far as their season is concerned.

“Is he bringing shame to the game by saying what he did? not sure.

“Is it okay for one player to say that to another player? Then it creates a conflict between two players and we are very happy about it.

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Jaman Salmon and Ricky Stewart 2.Source: FOX SPORTS

“I don’t think it’s good for Ricky Stewart to be the head coach of the Raiders and talk about a player.

“But I’m not 100 percent sure he’s bringing the game into disrepute. I’m sure comments from Ricky Stewart will be a talking point for a week.

Cooper Cronk believes Stewart left the justice system and did not use it to punish Salmon and publicly attack Salmon’s behavior.

“Jaeman Salmon is on the docket for misconduct and the game will address that,” Cronk said.

“I don’t think, in my opinion, in terms of Ricky Stewart, a coach should be calling someone out in public and personally pointing out a few things about an opposing player. That’s not for the opposing coach.

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Canberra Raiders Press Release | 06:28

“The salmon thing will be handled by the jury and I don’t think it’s a good look in terms of the Ricky thing.”

Sampson questioned whether Stewart would be censured by the NRL for his actions.

“It feels very personal,” Sampson said.

I sure hope if Ricky gets his time again he probably won’t go as far.

“What does the game do from here?”

Parker believes Stewart could be protected from NRL punishment by public outrage.

“I can’t think of an incident like that in my time where a coach goes after a player and says something about a player,” Parker said.

It will be interesting to see what comes in the next couple of days.

But the optics aren’t good, especially with Ricky being the head coach.

Having more time to digest what happened later, Cronk and Parker further exasperate Stewart’s actions.

“Yeah, Salmon made a mistake on the field and that will show up and let the umpires look at it,” Cronk said when asked if Ricky had gone too far.

But I don’t like it when an opposing coach publicly and privately takes cues from an opposing player. I just don’t like the look of that.

Penrith Panthers press release | 04:17

“The other part of this is Ricky is one of the greatest players in our game and I’m not sure what the story is. I have no idea. But Salmon played 40 odd first grade games.

“The balance of power is a little out of whack. I think he could have controlled his emotions and played in a different way.

But I don’t like the fact that an opposing coach is publicly and privately attacking another player.

“Ricky Stewart has been coaching in the game for 20 years and absolutely disgraceful comments from Ricky Stewart,” Parker said.

“To humiliate a player in public regardless of the situation on the field. That will be dealt with.

“In the role of head coach, Ricky got a position of power. He got a position to lead people who looked up to him in the right way and he got it completely wrong.

“The words he used about salmon were completely out of line.”

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