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Rory Lobb future at Fremantle Dockers, Western Bulldogs, Luke Jackson, Melbourne Demons, out of contract, free agency, Izak Rankine, Gold Coast Suns

AFL legend Rory Lob has asked to stay at Fremant, but suggests his future may depend on the club’s pursuit of another star.

Plus Sans coach Stuart Daew spoke about the future of Isaac Rankin amid mounting interest.

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Legend LOBB Alerts can shape the future like Jackson’s call.

Eesendon legend Matthew Lloyd Rory Lob has called for him to stay in Fremantell, suggesting that the only reason he will be released is if he finds Luke Jackson.

The Herald Sun’s John Ralph reported last week that rival clubs expect Lob, who tried to return to the Giants last week, to play for the West Bulldogs next season.

Lob’s contract for next season Dogs should get the big man out of business, with the 29-year-old reportedly seeking a three-year deal worth $ 1.5 million.

However, Lloyd, who scored the top five goals in his career at Port over the weekend, did not see why he wanted to leave the fourth-ranked Docers, who are now in fourth place.

Fyfe test ‘good problem’ | 01 ፡ 41

“If I were his manager, Colin Young, I would say, ‘Stay in Fremant, because you are playing a game that you have never played before.’ And everyone is in this area – Blake Acre, Jordan Clark, James Aish, ”Lloyd said on Channel 9. Leg assigned.

“It made me think, is Luke Jackson in, Rory Lob out? That may be the only reason you are releasing Freeman Docker.

Veteran journalist Caroline Wilson believes “everything is moving to Jackson” The rising Melbourne star is now weighing his future in the midst of a return to Western Australia.

Last week, it was reported that the West Coast was concerned about the 20-year-old’s desire to return home and join the Freemasons.

Jackson is expected to earn between $ 800,000 and $ 900,000 in the next deal.


Gold Coast Sans coach Stuart de Isaac Rank is confident he will re-sign with the club soon.

This comes after Channel 7 reported that Essendon is interested in the out-of-contract future, which was selected by Suns in the 2019 AFL Draft with Pick 3.

Rankine has dropped from South Australia in recent weeks, scoring 12 goals in the last four games.

But Daew said he was “in good talks” with Rankine, as he hoped the club would soon join him with the likes of Ben King, Noah Anderson and Jack Lucius.

Not happy with the lost free sun | 01:56

“We want to think we can do this as soon as possible,” said Suns chief Fox Footty AFL 360.

“Of course, there are always clubs that chase players and there are clubs that knock on open doors.

“He was fantastic, he brought others into the game.

“It’s very easy to train Isaac. Just do the chorus, push it on the run and pull it off.

“We are confident and we are in positive talks. They are ongoing. I want to think this is a lasting relationship.

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