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Australian swimmer Kiir Perkins fears a “genocide” could result in the banning of many transgender participants from women’s sports if domestic sports follow FINA’s leadership.

Strict Judgment Every woman, as a young man, is barred from competing with other women before the transition.

Perkins, now chief executive of the Australian Sports Commission, said he supported the move, but doubted it would be fair for lower-level sports organizations to follow similar rules.

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“The fact that Save the Women’s Sports Act is an incredible mistake in the fact that women’s sports are going to be destroyed by the tide of transgender athletes,” he told SEN. Welly.

“So at the other end of the spectrum, there must be constant competition for any gender, it goes a long way and it lacks the debate of justice around speed, strength and energy.”

Perkins feared the dramatic decision could be relegated to other leagues and could be unfair to transgender athletes, but he criticized FINA’s lack of transparency.

“FINA is clearly talking about a very small microcosm in their speech, which is the pinnacle of sport. The main focus of their recognition is the sports billboard. Step. ”Perkins said.

“I read Finna when he talked about ‘science’. What proof? Everything I have seen suggests that, in fact, we are still not sure. When you talk to medical professionals in this area, there is no clarity about science.

There are no professional-level transgender swimmers in Australia and only a few locally, according to Perkins, the furore around justice seems to be about one woman – American college swimmer Leah Thomas.

University of Pennsylvania swimmer Leah Thomas and Kentucky swimmer Guinness finished fifth in the 200 freestyle finalists in the NCAA Swimming and Diving Championship. (Photo courtesy of Rich von Biberstein / Icon Sportswire)Source: Getty Images

“What saddens me most about this discussion is that we are sitting here in a very vocal and extremist debate about the part of society that is marvelously marginalized, surprisingly misunderstood, and suffering from mental health and suicide events,” he said. .

“Fina made that decision, and it seems that there is probably a world-class athlete. Meanwhile, transgender participation in sports is the lowest in Australia’s demographic data.

“Now the first stone has fallen. We can have that discussion at the national level on how to present this. I hope swimming in Australia can involve the whole community. At the moment, as Fina declares, I do not think they (FINA) have reached there.

The FINA verdict has drawn criticism from many, including former Olympic swimmer Madi Groves, for criticizing Kat Campbell’s ban.

“I hope young girls around the world continue to aspire to be Olympic and world champions in the women’s category,” said Campbell.

“However, I hope that a young man of different genders enters the pool and feels the same acceptance as a nine-year-old African refugee boy in those years.”

Groves responded to Campbell on Twitter: “So you are preventing them from competing with their peers? Are you safe from isolating an already excluded group? True acceptance.

“There are already people of different genders in the pool and I guess they are not very acceptable (now). Shame on all those who support this discriminatory and unscientific decision.

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