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Sam Burgess snubbed $1 million Paul Gallen boxing offer, NRL stars, what’s next, coaching, Dolphins, South Sydney

South Sydney’s Sam Burgess has rejected a $ 1 million payday to fight Paul Gallen with a boxing ring.

Galen said he would retire from boxing at the end of the year, but the 40-year-old still has some issues with the card.

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Although it looks like the next battle is going to be for Justin Hodgs, there is always hope for a fight against Sonny Bill Williams.

Galen advanced to the 10th round to win the Australian Heavyweight Championship, setting a 12-2-1 record for both Justin Honi and Chris Terziyevsky.

But a battle ensued and Galen himself was involved in a scuffle between himself and Berges – and former Rabitoh Hardman described how serious the offer was.

Speaking Bay round with James GrahamBerges persuaded Galen to donate his gloves.

Asked if he was thinking of trying his hand at boxing, he said, “I didn’t get into a boxing ring.”

“I was approached to fight Galen, I was approached and I said no at first,” Berges explained. “Then the contracts came back and I said ‘no’. And then the contract came back and I looked at it and it worked for six minutes, 3×2 minutes rounds, he…

“Does the mill work for six minutes?” Graham whispered.

Sam Berges wasted a lot of money. Photo by Matt King / Getty ImagesSource Fate-Getty Images

“It’s a lot of money. So I started meditating … ”said Berges.

Graham was forced to pay $ 10 million an hour.

“So I meditated, I talked to the good counselors I met and it was another decision I made based on money,” Berges said. “I thought, ‘I don’t need a million dollars,’ but I think it was worth it.

“And again, I have a lump in my left shoulder. No jokes, I tried to do some training but I couldn’t.

“I was taking Mickey out of the box and it was a nuisance to the boxers, I was paid more than they did.

“And I don’t care. I admire what they do, and I don’t take it for granted. ”

Graham says he respects Gallen.

Berges replied, “He did it well. It’s funny with Galen, it turns me a little. You can’t help it unless it’s a charisma, as the boxing ring shows.

“You don’t know what you want from him and then you want the fight and he’s in deep rounds and he still goes when he comes down and out. He put a little bit of boxing on the map in Australia.

Graham: “Why are you afraid to fight him?” He asked.

“I’m not afraid to fight him,” Berges said. It’s funny, my friends tell me about it, I’m not afraid. I am making the best decision. ”

But it is a big scary thing. Photo by Mark Evans / Getty ImagesSource Fate-Getty Images

The next thing for Berges is said to be his desire to bring him to the coaching job with South Sydney and Wayne Bennett.

Burges commented on what he wanted to do, especially after his early career.

“I find retirement a bigger challenge than I expected,” Berges said.

“I thought I wanted to know everything but I retired a little earlier than I thought so I didn’t think much in the future.”

“(Six months after my retirement and working in the South Front office and in the media) I lost something in my life, and then I went back to coaching and I was immediately able to make a difference and help people. Fill my cup.”

Burges is working with Orara Valley in Group 2 and is learning the ropes of the coach world – after each game he is paid for pies and soft drinks from Cantin, far from $ 1 million for six minutes. With Galen.

Wayne or the Browns? Photo by Mark Metcalfe / Getty ImagesSource Fate-Getty Images

But as both rabbits and dolphins roamed, Burgess acknowledged that he had been torn to shreds.

“I’ve worked with Wayne for a long time with England and the South. You know how great he is,” Berges said.

“So it’s something he is interested in as a young coach. I don’t like any other NRL club – I have no history with that club, I don’t have any bad blood or anything.

“And the opportunity to learn next to Wayne in New Franchise, when? Often new franchises do not come and Wayne Bennett is the coach.

“In that sense, I think it’s a good opportunity for growth. We still have a long way to go before we can get there.”

“I’m just as interested as I am. I would be foolish not to be.

“My head, my heart may be South Sydney because I have given so much to the club. I felt a deep draw to the place.

“Wine wants me there. I want to work with him. But I’ve found two other things that can be equally exciting. I’m not sure where I’m going yet.”

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