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Judge Gerard Sutton’s controversial call for a 26-1 victory over Rochester on Friday night came to the fore.

In the 39th minute, Tricolers prostitutes Sam Verrells fouled Pennis striker Scott Sorenson.

Sutton immediately blew a dangerous add-on penalty which confused the Roosters and confirmed a game-changing moment.

William Kickua scored 14-6 at half-time, and Roster coach Trent Robinson was left frustrated after the game.

“It was a terrible decision,” Robinson said.

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We should not allow ourselves to be tempted in the end, but there were so many bad decisions tonight.

In another controversial incident, Roster striker Angry Criston Sutton decided to stop playing and was arrested after watching two previous episodes.

“The same referee and 30 non-offsides and 3-1 penalties were awarded last week,” Robinson said.

“Every chance they had then (tonight), Sami Verrell, and we were Creekton Sin-Benning … We weren’t playing Rugby Union. Stop the game and send it to Bin, not give them a chance.

Rochester coach Trent Robinson and referee Gerard Sutton.Source fall-FOX SPORTS

There was no good performance tonight (from Sutton). These are big decisions that you can’t go wrong with and it’s not enough.

Fox League commentator and Premier League winner Cory Parker echoes Versilles’ call.

Parker said: “There were some controversial decisions in the game.

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“This was punished for a dangerous touch. Verilis was sitting on the ground. He was sitting on the ground when he did the planting. He and Sorenson, where else is he going? It was funny.”

“It’s not a punishment and yes we want to get rid of some dangerous things but this is not a punishment in any way. Spoilage.

“I thought tonight everything was on them.”

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