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Socceroos to face New Zealand in two friendly matches

Australia’s two-match World Cup qualifier against New Zealand in September is set to be a test case, and Soccer coach Graham Arnold could coach a completely different starting line-up in both games.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the World Cup.

According to News Corp Australia, Socceroos will face Australia in the World Cup in Qatar from November 21 to December 18 and will meet New Zealand at Suncorp Stadium on September 22.

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The second game – the 100th anniversary of Soccerros – will be played on October 25 at Oakland Eden Park.

With no matches before Qatar 2022, the Socceroos will be the last chance for a series of players to push for the World Cup.

Arnold told Brisbane on Tuesday: “With a brief transition between the games, I’m going to use two different teams, and that gives everyone a good chance to show what they’ve got and are ready to go.

“This is the right way to do it. We now have a good extended squad of 30 and 35 players battling to make it to the 26th World Cup.

“The best way to give a fair chance is to play two different teams against New Zealand, which gives players the opportunity to show what they have achieved before choosing the team and to create more depth.”

Soccerros coach Graham Arnold will be delighted to see his team return to Sugarp Stadium. Image: Glen Hunt / Getty ImagesSource Fate-Getty Images

Arnold said he was concerned about former Celtic midfielder Rojik, citing personal reasons for leaving the World Cup qualifiers.

“I didn’t read, I didn’t see anything, I wrote a message to him and I didn’t get a response,” said Soccerros’ coach.

“I’m worried about Tommy but I know the PFA will.”

The Socceroos match in Brisbane will be their first at the Suncorp Stadium since November 17, 2018, following Arnold’s 1-1 draw with South Korea following the departure of Dutchman Bert van Marwijik later that year. Cup in Russia.

Describing the unique atmosphere at Sancorpo Stadium, Arnold said: “The fans feel on the field, and the players feel that their fans are on top of them.

“It makes it difficult for the opposition. It’s a whole house and it makes it like the 12th person, and that’s what we want with New Zealand.

Australian Football Association chief executive and Queenslander James Johnson Soccerros is delighted to be back at Sancrop Stadium.

“Personally, I’m very happy to have found Socceroos (in Brisbane) – and that’s where I came from,” Johnson said.

“Playing in a rectangular stadium is limited to football. It changes the atmosphere.”

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