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St George Illawarra Dragons vs Canberra Raiders, finish, marker not square, Ben Hunt, result, video

Ricky Stuart admits he owes a debt of gratitude after the Reds doubted the Reds’ chances of scoring a free-kick to extend their fight with the Dragons.

With just over a minute to go, their quarterback, Cody Ramsey, who had a 12-10 lead, gave the Reds a golden opportunity to score.

The Dragons’ defense was disrupted and Ben Hunt and Jack Bird deliberately placed Joe Tapin on the fifth to cool the game. As a result, the robbers were awarded six more.

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“You can’t punish, it’s a call to start again,” said Fox League analyst Warren Smith.

But they couldn’t do anything because with five seconds left, Hunt – who had no square on the pointer – faced Tom Starling’s half-doom.

“Starling became a monster … no whistle … the game is over,” Smith said.

Canberra Robbers Press Release | 03 ፡ 12

Raiders players explode as Eliot White goes on to plead with Judge Peter Go.

“Canberra couldn’t believe it, it was definitely a punishment there when she died. They were able to reset the setting, they wanted the penalty to get two points to send this to the golden point, ”said Smith.

“There is something to be seen here and this is not the first time this is a controversial call between the invaders and the dragons.

“Canberra hangs here because of unbelief and the dragons are so relieved.”

“Ben Hunt was never a square,” Steve pointed at the pointer.

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Nathan Hidmersh was at the Matty Jones Show, and Hunt quickly said, “It’s not square.”

Meanwhile, the star of the show, Brandon Smith – who was on the Matthew Jones Show – once again highlighted the negative side of the Six Reigns and how it has crushed the invaders.

In the past, sexual misconduct was punished.

Smith said, “Six: This is not a good resource for you as a team again.

But I think if you just knock on the ball – I don’t think it’s legal – but if you pretend to knock on the ball, I think you’ll get a two-point change.

St. George Ilawara Press Release | 05:03

Asked about the referee’s call in a post-match press conference, Hunt admitted: “I’m very happy without the whistle.”

Meanwhile, Stuart was upset.

“I only need to see it once. But tomorrow I will apologize. ”

“When you are in a high-performing business there is always pressure, and when there is pressure you need courage and you have to be confident in this decision in the last game of the day.”

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