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St George Illawarra Dragons vs Canberra Raiders, live updates, video, SuperCoach Stats, Ben Hunt, Jack Wighton

Dragons and robbers are raining in the background, and a huge storm broke out behind the WIN Stadium.

St. George’s Ilawara led 12-10 minutes after 57-10, but Canberra was running strong in the second half.

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When the Dragons attacked the Canberra line with half-defender Ben Hunt, they let the ball cool down and showed how difficult the situation on the south coast was.

After 15 minutes, Fox League analyst Warren Smith said: “It’s raining hard, we got 50ml in this part of the world today.

In the 29th minute, before the Reds’ youngster Xavier Savage hit, he made his first attempt through Tatonu Amone.

Zach Lomax won a free kick 12-4 on aggregate.

In the second half, Canberra scored the first goal and made it to the final 20 minutes.

The Dragons have won their first seven games of the season, but the Reds have won five of their last seven.

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53rd minute

Robbers Tom Starling shot a short distance from Hudson Young.

“It’s so easy,” Steve Roe said of the Fox League.

“Great ball from Starling. Rain sometimes tonight. Sometimes it rains.

38th minute

Nick Cottrick failed to save the rocket, which gave the Dragons half their last chance to attack.

With a 12-4 lead at the break, Moses Sulliy came close.

“He runs one by one with Xavier Savage and on top of it,” said Warren Smith.

29th minute

The robbers were on board when 20-year-old Fulbach Javier Savaj ran.

“It burned them so fast,” said Andrew Voss.

17th minute

Canberra tried to break the deadlock, but Jack Whiteon hit back and no one was home and he scored for Tanu Amon.

“The Dragons will get a gift for their first attempt. This is a five-to-eight lead game,” said Warren Smith.

10th minute

Both teams had a chance in the first 10 minutes, but neither side was able to score.

Follow the action live on our blog below. If you can’t see, click here.

Match preview

Jack White returned to action as Jack Wyton faced the Dragons in the last 16 of the round.

Whiten missed the 15th round – and Origin II – due to Covidy-19 and returned to the fifth-eighth, pushing Matt Frawlin to the bench.

The robbers received another encouragement when they returned from the bench through the injury of Charcee Nicole-Cloxstad.

Coach Ricky Stuart made a late change to the overall set, but Adam Eliot returned to the bench and started Ryan Sutton with a lock.

The Dragons are likely to be 1-17. Ben Hunt is expected to play despite an injury to Origin II’s leg.

The Dragons are ninth in the table with 16 points and could finish the round in eighth place.

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