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St Kilda loss to Essendon, Brett Ratten press conference, Spud’s Game, stats, angry coach, transcript

St. Kilda coach Brett Raton condemned his side’s performance in a press conference after their defeat at Essendon on Friday night.

The Saints played Spud’s Game in the second edition – a game dedicated to initiating discussions on mental health and honoring the late Danny Frawley – but the Bombers lost by 35 points in their third win of the season.

Speaking after the game, Raton was outraged by his side’s performance in all respects and the fact that he came on a night of great significance for the club.

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“Defeating the 23 players and kicking the unbeaten ball, but that – that was very difficult to see for a while, especially in the team and in the game and what we are up to. It meant a lot to us about the game and that was really below the level.

“Killing on foot. We lost three with one and the target. We missed a lot of opportunities.

“Then you look at the other side of the coin and 38 points per game is not where we are and it is not acceptable on the defensive and we have scored 61 points in the 50’s and it is a good opportunity to prove that,” he said.

Fremanletle coach Justin Longmuyer echoed his team’s recent two-match losing streak, calling Reyton’s defeat “a testament to our players.”

Asked if he was upset, as he had been with the club during the move, he indicated that dinner was not far away.

“Maybe it’s because I didn’t see him coming,” he said.

“We didn’t see it coming, we were very consistent at all levels of the game. We are not perfect, but if we have to slip, it may be only for a quarter or one. Today the whole bar was 10 minutes and a half.

Rhett refused to see a side-by-side six-day break and returned from Brisbane to justify his performance.

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“We can use it as an excuse but that is really the police. “Everyone has to travel. Everyone has six days’ rest and injury.”

“We used to have good players at the VFL level. We’re going back to that.

St. Kilda’s top four hopes are now in jeopardy, with the club having a chance to finish the round behind Carlton, Giloong and Sydney.

The Saints will play in two of these domains over the next two weeks, but according to Raton, if the team performs the same performance as they did on Friday night, the draw would be meaningless.

“Every game is hard, it doesn’t matter who you play with. You don’t go to any game and go to this four point. He says the race is harder than ever this year so you have to wake up every week.

“The part of the puzzle is all hard.

“If we thought we would not be in the game or in the competition. We are better than this, it is a little harder to swallow today, Friday night, we are the game and the legacy we give the game to our football club and the legacy of mental health. Produce that, it will make you a little flatter for the day.

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