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St Kilda Saints v Western Bulldogs, goalless quarter, turnovers, Brett Ratten, Cameron Mooney, Ben Dixon

St Kilda players have been accused of missing out on big games in 2022, and are accused of not having the mental strength to take the next step and make the final.

The Saints have dropped to their fourth defeat in the last five games since the mid-season after losing 28 points at the West Bulldog on Friday night.

St Kilda scored just 28 points for three quarters and, surprisingly, 16 players had no problem with their names in half an hour.

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The Saints, who were accused of being the “AFL Standard” by Fox Foot David King during the main break, added a last-ditch finish to 4.5 and added some respect to the scoreboard.

Fox Future Live Ben Dixon warned of Friday night’s defeat – as the Saints’ season went online – was part of a worrying trend.

“One round Collingwood; the biggest game of the year is because you opened your account and lost,” he said.

“Melbourne game 8, 5 and 2 (win-lose), hot as a gun and completely smashed. The flag went up.

“Swede game, huge emotional game, Round 14 – We saw it on Essenon on Friday. Flop once again.

“Pride game from Sydney and then tonight. Tonight’s game puts them behind their backs.

“Looks mental”

‘The mind is so poor!’ King explodes | 01:51

Nick Da Santo, a participant in the discussion, called the trend “scary.”

“The truth is, those big times, big games make themselves offline.

“I think when they should stop the bleeding and they are fighting as a team to continue the game.”

In his last wish, Cameron Moonny said St. Kilda’s mental strength should be questioned.

There’s a lot of talk about their talent – I think they show that they have the ability to win games.

“They are not good when it comes to thinking.

“I don’t know if he is a leader. You have to train hard for him. Do they train you with the strength they need to get you out the door and not five goals?

“Thoughtfully, they are just rollercoaster.

“I don’t think they are strong enough.

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“Welcome Eight and Three, you’re thinking – how good are the saints? They are flying here. Beat Jilong has won those three consecutive victories before the salutation, ‘You think they are here.’ The games I’ve seen have had great wins and you think: ‘That’s it, the Saints are ready, they’re ready to go’. And after greetings, they became one and five. It was horrible. ”

Saints coach Brett Rat admitted the players were “weak and confident” and pleaded guilty to “getting into your shell,” and the team said “time is running out.”

“Post peace, we were inconsistent. Run for a very long time and don’t make it difficult again,” he said.

“Do you only watch the game against you, sitting on your head and staring at you? And think, ‘I had to do something.’ We are just getting a lot.

“We have only those who are not at the current level or who do not understand their teammates when needed.”

St. Kilda will have two wins against West Coast and Hawthorne, followed by Gilon in Gilong, and Brisbane and Sydney at Marvel Stadium.

The finals require at least three wins from those games to be any math chance. When they give a percentage, they win four.

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