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Everything Alexander Valkanovsky does has a purpose. This should be the case in the profession at this time.

The UFC featherweight champion has that right, the power to choose and choose who to fight and why. For some, taking Max Holoween for a third time may not make sense at first.

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Volcanovsky and Holocaust Balance! | 00:45

On the surface, Volkanovsky seems to have something to lose and everything to gain. He should not gamble.

But it is more complicated than that.

For the most part, in the eyes of many, Holocaust won the second battle between the pair and some even believe he should raise his hand in both.

As this is a legacy struggle for Volcanovsky, it is a matter of unfinished business for Australia, which is an opportunity to close the Holocaust chapter once and for all.

UFC Game-by-Game Analyst John Anic “wants to shut down On Friday [local time].

“I mean, of course, if you hear what Volcanovsky said, he wants to stay active, but he wants to close and finish with Max Holloway consistently and honestly, although I thought maybe their second meeting was closer than some. Nass Max Holocaust felt that he had won that second meeting.

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Alexander Volkanovsky celebrates after his second battle with Max Holocaust.  (Photo by Jeff Bottari / Zuffa LLC)
Alexander Volkanovsky celebrates after his second battle with Max Holocaust. (Photo by Jeff Bottari / Zuffa LLC)Source Fate-Getty Images

“So I think Volkanovsky, although he won that night, he wants to do a little something important in this third meeting and it’s a big financial struggle.

“Indeed, Max Holocaust is one of the greatest feather weights ever and the future of the Fame Hall. So I think it’s the right time to hit the metal and I think for Alex, if he can finish it, I think this will close that chapter once and for all.

Much has changed since Volkanovsky and Hollowy’s last meeting in Octtagon.

For starters, both fighters are the best, and in the case of Holocaust, last year, Calvin Kathtar surpassed Anik’s “All Single Performance I’ve Ever Seen.”

To see how good Holocaust was in that battle, he scored only 268 571 shots in his first two battles against Volcanovsky.

The Hawaiian nearly doubled that of Qatar, with 445 out of 744 votes.

Cormier Volk shocks how to get better | 02 ፡ 37 37

Holloway made no doubt in the minds of the judges and if you go by his comments earlier this week, he plans to do the same on Saturday, announcing that the fight will end before the fourth round.

Volkanovsky, for his part, thinks it will still be another “chess match” and is willing to play the long game, hitting it loudly and choosing the pace that suits his style.

Holloway is always the kind that builds the way to the struggle, increasing its accuracy, effectiveness and longevity as the cycle progresses.

He changed that in the second bout and took a different stand against Volcanovsky’s kicks, scoring one or two late goals.

“Of course you know very quickly in the first two rounds [a different fight]”Said Volkanovsky.

Volkanovsky, meanwhile, had to make adjustments in the second battle. (Photo courtesy of Jeff Bottari / Zuffa LLC)Source Fate-Getty Images

“I knew I had to change. I felt that my response time was not there. My time is up. There was no shooting. So I had to be honest with myself and be like: ‘You have to make it happen’. If you don’t have time to respond, things will get worse ነበር It was crazy.

“There was a strange moment that I thought was there. ‘ It Was Strange ”

But that was still not enough for Holocaust.

Holloway has made the necessary adjustments and the judges are still leaning towards Volkanovsky, which raises the question – does he need to take more risks in the trio?

“That belt is coming back!” | 01:06

Anik thinks it is useful for the question, although he suspects that Hollow will change a lot.

“He felt like he had won this guy for the last time and he has felt like he has done two great things since then, so I don’t know if Max is looking to recreate Apple’s cart,” Anic said.

“I think he will persevere as he did here. I suggest he be a little more careful with the wind and take a few more risks. But I think Max plays the way he does.

Holloway said a lot earlier in the week, hinting that he might actually have some surprises in store for the Australian champions.

The strongest rivals competed for the third time. (Photo by Carmen Mandato / Getty Images)Source Fate-Getty Images

“It’s not what I have now, it’s not what I don’t have,” says Holoway.

“I’m sure he has better things [at], of course. After two and a half years, what are you doing in life if you are not better?

“I know he is getting better. He will see my best edition coming on Saturday night and I hope to see his best version.

This, of course, seems to be the best version of Volcanovsky.

As much as Holloway improved as a fighter, Volkanovsky took the game to another level, always known for his low kicks, but now he is attacking blindly.

In less than three months in the Volcanovsky master class, you should only ask Jung Chan Sung, a Korean zombie, who was both fast and surprisingly misguided.

GOAT Khabib Volk Predicts Victory | 01:42

“It’s just a big improvement for Volcanovsky,” Anik said.

“I mean, the performance of the Korean zombie, the performance of Brian Ortega, is very different from what he was at UFC 251. You can see it with your own eyes.

“You can see it on the scales, right? I mean these weight loss is slowly getting easier. He is doing everything right.

If the Holocaust had a chance to turn the tables on the holocaust, Anic said he would have to repeat that Qatari master class, although that may not be enough.

I think if Holloway knew about that flow and had already found that amazing zone on Volcanovsky and because of his speed, he would probably be a little faster, ”Anic said.

“But again, you are talking about an athlete who comes from any camp in the world. I think they are getting a better version of Max Holloway and maybe they are waiting for someone to set up faster, if you can believe that and it will put a little more pressure on UFC 251.

Following the victory of Alex Volkanovsky in the UFC 245 Max Holocaust in Las Vegas. Picture: Richard DobsonSource: News News Corp Australia

“Volkanovsky is clearly confident in the work he has done in the event and I expect him to do well.”

On Saturday night, Volkanovsky could take another step in the rare air of the two-weight champion.

He must first pass Holoween before he can even move to a light weight, but if Volcanovsky chooses that path, he will no doubt be in it.

The Australian first confirmed it at UFC 245, and if it upset Brazilian legend Jose Aldon, Volkanovsky then “shocked the world” by re-supporting Holocaust.

Until recently, Volcanovxi coach Joe Lopez said. The champion’s faith grew “twice” by defeating Korean zombies and Brian Ortegan.

“He’s thinking and he’s working at a completely different level than he was in that battle,” Lopez said.

Volkanovsky’s first battle with Holocaust was recorded as a reference to what he could do for the American, who at the time was considered one of the best UFC fights.

Volco crowded, went out with Max! | 02 ፡ 16

Now Volkanovsky is standing on the cliff of greatness with Holocaust and building his own heritage.

“He [Volkanovski] It has the championship aura and efficiency that it did not have a few years ago, ”said Anik.

“In all that champion and belt work and winning and defending, all the skins were clearly framed in the report.

“This week we went to a meeting with Alex Volkanovsky and we had a pair of glasses. I said, “You know, as I see you two people, I see Max as an improved fighter. A completely different level “

“And he said honestly: ‘John two years ago or at UFC 251, I was fighting in a spirit of athleticism and some skill.’ At UFC 251.

Feather has won the weight division and is ready to turn his attention to a new challenge – going for 155kg of gold.

Saturday night’s victory puts Volcanovsky on the road. But first, he has an unfinished business.

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