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Five-cap Blues player Brian Too has said he will represent Samoa in Australia at the Rugby League World Cup later this year.

Under current law, players can represent ‘Level Two’ nations (such as Samoa, Tonga, Fiji or PNG), but ‘Level One’ nations are not eligible for generation if they choose to represent NZ or England.

That system has helped the development of the International Rugby League, with teams such as Samoa and Tonga jumping on the bandwagon in recent years due to the experience of star players – and Tonga, for example, has recently beaten Australia and New Zealand.

But the game now has a tough decision on the future of Origen’s qualifications – and the game chooses to be a starting point for players who want to represent the kangaroo or, conversely, a starting point for players from all over the world.

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Fox League expert Paul Kent has argued that Origen does not need to expand its presence – and argued that the starting point should be for players who want to represent Australia on the international stage.

“Otherwise, players representing competitors will” weaken Australia’s position in the international arena, “he said.

NRL 360 host Bright Anastas said: “The International Rugby League is very good and will be good for the game. We want to grow and it is improving every year.

“The fear can affect our big show, which is the beginning. If it affects state and territory, then hatred and bigotry – this is a game, it’s a big show. There is a magical dust sprinkled at the beginning that you can’t explain.

If the situation around the rule is not that of Tonga, Samoa and other groups, Anastasia said, when the International Rugby League Board meets in December, they could be ranked one.

Paul Kent told NRL 360:

“Whether it’s the best of the best or NSW vs QLD can all be played in Australia and bring us into this debate about the origins.”

If the origins include players who regularly represent their international rivals – Kent said, “This is to keep a kid who can play for Australia and play for NSW.

Kent added: “We have to read the rules, we have to know what they (Polynesian players) can do! “You don’t want players who play for NSW and QLD who say they don’t want to play for Australia, because that will ultimately weaken Australia’s position.”

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Paul Kent went on to say: “There are advocates for the opening of the original. So Kiwis, you have English players.

But Daily TelegraphPaul Crowley replied: “This will never happen, people will not allow it.

“The players here are growing up in Australia and have the right to play for NSW.

But this is a matter for the NRL, all rugby league must face. Because it is better not to fix it.

“At that time, there were probably only a handful of Polynesian players in the competition,” Crowley added. They now hold 50 percent of the competition.

“The game is changing,” Kent agreed. “The game has to solve this. I don’t know if they will change this … We are increasing the number of Polynesian players, which is good for the game.”

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And Kent reverted the clock back to its original format in 1980, with the goal of being the ‘best of the best.’

Kent said, “Everyone says Origen should still have the best players because without the best players it would not be a show we all know and love.

“At the start of the season, a young boy ran out of the Queensland locks for the first time. No one knows who he is. His name is Wali Louis.

“At the age of 20, another boy, Mal Meninga, was in the center. No one knows his identity in Sydney.

“Chris Stubes was another cruel little playground. The player in that game. No one knows who he is. ”

Kent went on to say, “He did not escape the scene because he was not the best of the best. He built the concept on the back of these people, which made us believe that we are not all that far.” [elite level]. ”

Concluding the debate, he said: “I say to the people of Tonga and Samoa, ‘I say we will not lose anything.’ . But if you play there, you are not qualified to play Origen. ‘

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