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State of Origin, NSW Blues vs Queensland Maroons, Liam Martin, grubby acts, incidents in game one

Liam Martin has been dubbed the “infamous” New Queensland media by Queensland Media.

Mail “Queensland finally has a new blues player that it hates,” he said, referring to the four events that took place in the opening four minutes of the series at Acor Stadium – and after a “shocking attack”.

Those events saw Cameron Munster head swaying (64th minute), Dane Gagaro throat (65th minute), massaging his head in front of Kurt Capewell (67th minute) and digging his elbow with his ribs (68th minute). ).

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The events – and the story – were broadcast live on Queensland prostitute Harry Grant on NRL 360. But Grant knows nothing about it.

Grant Speaks on ‘Grubby’ Blues Techniques | 05 ፡ 29

“I do not know what you are talking about,” he said.

“I thought the most stressful player had to be Tino Faasumalei because he never bathes… but I’m not sure, I have never seen that exactly.

But you know what it looks like, he is the starting point, he is much more physical and faster than the NRL and everyone is going up.

When asked if there was any “fire fighting” at the Queensland camp, Grant said, “Nah, never.”

Liam Martin with Dane Gaga’s throat at the start.Source fall-provided
Liam Martin rubbed his head all over Kurt Capewell during start 1.Source fall-provided

Courier MaiL. Martin asked Capewell, who won the 2021 Premier League title with Martin at the Panthers, but he did not bite.

“There is always a slight touch between the players,” said Capewell.

“It’s a great start. It’s an emotional game and ‘Marto’ definitely got it in the game.

“He is definitely a tough player and sometimes a tough player to deal with.

“Marto and I get along well. It’s always nice to have a little fight with one of your mates.

“I look forward to that in game two. I look forward to the test.”

When Maroons ‘captain Dali Cherry-Evans was asked about the Blues’ second oar, she was all part of it.

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The Leopard Post Leopard is out of date and free to browse options.

“We know how much it will affect the game.”

“Defensively, he is not afraid to attack you because he is stuck in it.

“That Panthers system has created a very strong mindset, especially for the back rowers, (William) Kickua or Liam Martin coming to meet you, they do a lot of work from the inside out and Martin brings a lot of character to the NSW team.

“Liam has done a lot of work and he is a very determined player. He never wants to offend his teammates, he deserves it and his style is clear.

He makes a lot of balls and always runs on the good and straight halves. It’s hard for the little ones to stop.

Lim Martin with a swinging arm towards Cameron Munster during the first I.Source fall-provided
Liam Martin elbows at Cameron Munster’s ribs during the opening ISource fall-provided

Views on the event were shown on NRL 360 and Bright Anastasia believes there is nothing wrong with Martin’s physicality.

“This is what you originally wanted … Leah was doing her job here,” he said.

News Corporation journalist Paul Kent responded “100 percent”.

“I would like to see NSW return to Queensland tomorrow with their own garbage file

“I really like it. I think it’s good, it’s very spicy for the main building.

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“There was a lot of talk about this.

We all know how newspapers work, not just such issues in editorial departments – they generally come from someone who is involved in vision cutting.

“I thought Liam Martin was one of the best in the game and I think NSW has brought some of the much-needed physicality – and he needs to do it again.”

Paul Crowley suggested that they may have been sent to the media by Marons to avoid what they would have done in game two.

“Often these stories are just a cover-up,” he said.

“When a team pours something like this, it’s probably hiding what they want.”

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