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Nathan Cray responded with criticism in a stunning 44-12 win over Queensland in New South Wales.

Clyri received a lot of criticism after the game, but on Sunday he was the Blues’ top scorer with two attempts, two attempts, two interceptions, a linebacker, six tackles and a 68-meter run.

James Tedesco was brilliant as expected, but Jarom Lui has much to improve.

Jack Trabjeevich took the opportunity after being called up and Matt Burton was brilliant at first.

Sunday, June 26

Sunday, June 26

Read all NSW player ratings.

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Cleary ‘Best of Andrew Jones’ | 02 ፡ 35 35

1. James Tedco 8.5

Throughout the night, he was seen as an energy rabbit with a traditional silk display from the NS Captain. Excellent performance.

2. Brian Too 6.5

Nervous moment earlier when he lost sight of a swinging ball in the NSW goal. Normally he set himself up to play a strong game. He made a crucial attempt in half an hour.

3. Matt Burton 8

Gun player. He did not participate much in the opening 15 minutes, but he did show a real interest in hosting the event. Nathan Cray hit a cross over the field and the Blues went upstairs to try and score. Some of the floating bombs had fungus nets on them.

4. Stephen Criston 6

He is still gaining ground in the Rugby League. Kalin Ponga tried to get Cameron Munster in the opening half but he failed to let the Blues open the midfield.

5. Daniel Tupu 7

Getting out of the yard is busy, safe under the top ball and the real threat of an attack on the field. At the beginning of the second half there was a wild boar but the right choice.

6. Jerome Lui5

He missed a terrific 40-minute free kick and two crucial balls. Bad reading on Felix Cafusi, especially for the opening attempt. It was a good attempt in the second half, but Marons came out on top.

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7. Nathan Clary 9

Because of the amazing performance and just as it happened. From Matt Burton grubber to floating relay to Daniel Tupu to a couple of attempts, the Marons once developed a full set of tricks from Matt Burton Group on the back foot.

8. Pay HaAS 7

He took the ball hard under his wing and the Blues got quick balls for a fast pace.

Too Kafisi will be capitalized later! | 01:07


Great. Amazing ingenuity and ingenuity set the game time for the Blues ahead of the controversial Felise Kafusi Sin Benning.


The Blues’ best strikers were Bradley Clyde and Ray Price. The rubber seal tightened the blue midfield and returned to the starting point.

11. Cameron Murray 7

Normal work-a-holyk performance. It has already been implicated in HIA and malnutrition. Engaged on both sides of the ball and without the ball.

12. And Martin 7

Public Enemy No. 1 has given Maroons NSW what it wants. More than Martin raised his hands in a tumultuous and effective manner.

13. Isaiah Jehu 7.5

A completely different effect on the game without hitting the head on the opening. The crucial link in the middle and the combination with Cleary and Api Korisau was great.

Queensland Biggest VILLAIN Point First | 00:28

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14. DAMIEN Cook 6.5

The inclusion of the AP Corissa is absolutely commendable and seems to be a real running threat. A smart choice moves him to a bench.

15. King Criston 7

It looks like Ham Merey was forcibly evicted and has always been in the original football furnace.

16. Junior Paulo 7.5

With Jack Turbo, one of the Blues’ best strikers. He seems to have changed his mind about running first. You still get some clever downloads.

17. Discussion Association 5

It only started after the game ended, but it seemed to control the stage.

Total 121

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