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Steve Smith run-out by Usman Khawaja, video

Steve Smith was outraged one day after his teammate Osman Kawaja was burned to death in the first attempt at Sri Lanka.

Australia lost two fast wickets in the final season when they joined Kawaja on the crease in Gale, with only one trial period since 2019.

He and Kawaja reached six before agreeing to a fast single.

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DISCUSSION POINTS Doubt The big whirlwind of Swiftson’s statement, a key Kawaja attempt is now looming.

Day One Report: Sri Lanka’s Martial Arts Day gives her life as a latecomer.

Smith ran to the end of the attacker with a visible rope.

Seen.Shaking his shoulder in the direction of the redemption, he shook his head in disbelief.

The tremors continued, and Smith was seen leaving the field to work on the ground, grumbling to himself.

His dismissal means that Smith is looking for the first trial period from January 2021.

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