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Storm vs Broncos; forward pass controversy; Justin Olam, video, highlights, Kevin Walters, Craig Bellamy

Hurricane Melbourne bounced back from a slow start with five unanswered attempts against the Brisbane Broncos in Friday night’s top four.

The Broncos came out of the door to thwart Craig Bellamy’s side, with the Blues twisting their Premier League muscles to strengthen their position at the top of the table with a 32-20 victory.

But the controversial moment when the game was still in its infancy shocked the Fox League panel.

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The hurricane wiped out the winners but not before a controversial transmission call.Source: Getty Images

Hurricane 20-16 in the second half sent Melbourne outside the Broncos defense before a quick exchange between Cameroon Munster, Nick Mane and Justin Olam.

The final pass from Olam to Dean Jeremiah, however, seemed to be in the offing, but he was allowed to score and score.

“I know there will be a lot of Broncos fans north of the border and they will have a question mark at the end,” said Dan Ginanne on the Fox League cover.

Speaking after the game, Michael Inis said it was a crucial moment in the game.

“That was a great time, it was 20-16. It was moving forward. ”

“In 20-16 Brisbane was right in the fight. Neither side won the game, it was still in balance. I think that was allowed to be released at a crucial time in the future.

I’m sure we will hear from Kevvi Walters.

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