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Gary Jacobson was immediately discontinued by PremiAir Racing after a poor performance under the Darwin Triple Crown – and triggered several steps in the driver market in 2023.

Jacobson is in his fourth full-time Supercarrs season and the second is against his former club Sydney but will not be in the Townsville next season.

“PremiAir Racing wants to ensure immediate success, and Gary Jacobson and Premier League have split,” the club said in a statement.

“PremiAir Racing is exploring options for driver replacement for the # 76 Subway PremiAir Racing Supercar.

“Announcements for the new driver for # 76 will be released as soon as possible.

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Jacobson had a high-profile turbulent weekend in Darwin, where he participated in a number of events on the track. He appears to have played a role in the first-round clash that ended Sunday’s race and was hit by a driver for hitting Zack Best off the road and delivering a security vehicle in the afternoon.

The 30-year-old regretted the weekend and was guilty of wrongdoing.

“I put my heart on my arm, and the real answer here is that I was trying hard to get back on the field today, and I made some good passes, and I made the passages I thought I might have. Think again. ”

“I do not want to be in the back as a competitor and I always want to compete in the front.

The crash is the culmination of a season in which only three of the top 10 winners have been named, and only Jack Smith is 24th in the standings.

When Courtney Crashes, Legs Arise | 00:57

Following his acquisition of the club during the season, he moved the team from Sydney to the Gold Coast for the latest contract, led by Peter Ziberas.

Gary Jackson & Fabian Colhardt’s contracts were terminated when the club changed hands, and although Jackson’s contract was restored, Coltard, who was paid by the club, terminated his support for Coca-Cola’s Chris Peter.

The 13-time winner said he would let him miss out on a number of other contract opportunities as he was kept in the dark on contract conditions and chose to remain loyal to the team.

The sudden dismissal has the potential to bring the 2023 driver market to life, with several leading drivers’ contracts terminated at the end of the season.

PremiAir has less than three weeks to sign a replacement for the Townsville 500 on July 8-10.

The team recently reviewed stable young runners in the private Queensland Raceway test at the end of May, with Super 2 drivers Tyler Everinham and Cameron Hill, third and fourth respectively; Porsche Carrera Cup winner Harry Jones; And Tickford Bathurst 1000 co-driver Zane Godard, who left Matt Stone Racing at the end of last season.

Brock Finnie was present as the reference driver for the test results.

De Pasquale Stops Victory Drought | 01:40

Goddard, who competed in this year’s S5000 series, suggests he was being evaluated, given that Bathurst was already the only driver among those attending a personal test of his co-driver contract and fired Jacobson is the most likely option to replace him. For one thing, it may not be obvious at all.

Kurt Kostecki, who traveled to MSR with Brother Jack last season, has been linked with a move to the Tikford Battery.

Signing one of Goddard or Kostecki forces Tickford to look for another co-driver at the four-car battery.

Elsewhere on the grid, Will Davison has no agreement on Dick Johnson racing, although he could retain his seat behind a strong 2022 campaign. However, there are rumors that the team is considering long-term plans and could be tempted to lift top-rated Will Brown from Arebus – a move that may have been facilitated by the incompatibility of the Victorian team this season.

2015 Supercars champion Mark Winterbott has also terminated his contract, and Frostti says he wants to continue, but team-mate Charlie Schwartzoltt has said he will not begin discussions later this month.

“He is an incredible man. It was good for my team to bring sponsors and some staff in the early days when we went to two cars.” Standing Podcast. “He was a great asset.

“We have not had this discussion yet. We need to see where we are going and what we are going to do soon.

“I love Frostin. He is on my radar for sure. ”

Picture: Tim Hunter.Source: News News Corp Australia

If Tickford Zack Best wants to line up, he will have to drive all four of his contract drivers next season. The 2021 Super 2 sprinter was first spotted in Darwin, two of the world’s most recognizable wildlife, and he was involved in one of the events that contributed to Jacobson’s disappearance.

Both drivers in Grove are out of contract and the team is set to upgrade Super 2 leader Matt Payne to the main game by 2023, with licensing requirements revoked this season.

Dave Reynolds is currently fifth in the table. Lee Hollowworth, who moved to three garages last season but won the Bathurst 1000’s consolation prize with Chassestor, appears to have left the club on his own initiative.

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