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Sydney Roosters Trent Robinson press conference comments, Gerard Sutton, possible punishment

Rochester boss Trent Robinson could face punishment for his comments on referee Gerard Sutton, and comments in Friday’s press conference are being reviewed by the NRL.

News agency reporter Brent Rip reports on Triple M’s. Saturday Scrum After a 26-18 defeat to Pennies, Robinson’s comments will be reviewed at the end of the week and he could face a penalty or more.

The Sydney Doroces coach described Sutton’s performance as “not good enough” and that he was playing a particularly crucial penalty – even though he did something legal against Pennies striker Scott Sorenson.

But one line in particular – Robinson’s hint of an agenda against Roster – could put the coach in hot water.

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“It wasn’t a good performance from him (Sutton) but that … you still have to be in place … not in roster colors. That’s not discriminatory, that’s the truth, ”Robinson said.

Read the comment: “This line is a little dangerous. Such wheels are small on the verge.

“I felt this morning that he would not be punished because his comments were a little secretive. I think Robo danced the line well … but it has a story. He has been punished before so it would be very useful if he did the police again.

Robinson was fined $ 20,000 last year for his comments about the Rosters defeat in South Sydney.

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