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Sydney Roosters vs Penrith Panthers, Joey Manu, Nathan Cleary, Ivan Cleary, Luke Keary out, James Tedesco, Origin, NSW Blues

The Panthers won 26-18, defeating the strongest roster roster, and they were terrified at the Blues Stadium.

Pennies’ goal was scored by Brian Tow.

“They’re experts in waste management,” said Fox League Warren Smith.

Match Center Dry Sydney Doctors vs Pennit Panthers, Teams, Live Results

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“They’ve been done there by professionals, they have an amazing combination there,” said Fox Roe of the Fox League.

Shortly afterwards, Angie Krischton was sent off for a foul, but that did not stop Trent Robinson.

James Tedesse cut in the middle, supporting youngster Sam Walker Fulbach with just 12 players on the field.

The Panthers picked up a controversial penalty in the middle of the game, allowing Dumi-half Masro Apisay Corissa to practice his magic.

The Blues’ No. 9 came out of the box and hit William Kick with a short ball that bounced off the crossbar.

After the break, the Tricolers flew away.

CSOs Tuciaoho and Sam Verrell led the Roosters with a two-point lead.

Star player Nathan Kerry took over the reins of the club with a “brilliant” pass from young gunman Isaac Tagon.

“This is a big gap to run and a great pass from Cleary,” Roe said.

“Tupouniua had to respect William Kick’s run by avoiding the bets,” Smith said.

Tago only needs half a thread.

Corissa finished the game with four points and a clever half-run.

“It’s a great effort from the Panthers,” said Fox League teammate Benji Marshall.

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The main part of the chorus

Blues prostitute APISA Corissa has revealed exactly why NSW coach Brad Fetler gave him the No. 9 jersey.

The 29-year-old received a call-up for the second leg and was presented with a sprint by the club before supporting Roster.

Corissa made a crucial attempt to close the tournament with two tackles, a line-up, a goal break, a test assists and 39 balls.

Fox League leader Warren Smith said: “This is a big game.

But the pace of the game opened up enough space for Apisa Corosa.

“It’s a great time for him, a choice to start the game for NSW over the weekend with a big win over the Merons.”

Corey Parker has revealed how much he will lose at the end of the season after signing with Fox Tigers for 2023 and above.

Parker said: “He could be one of the best hooks in the game. His strength is probably a little neglected.”

It would be wonderful to see how they could be without him, but they want to do what they can.

After finishing his master’s degree at the Blues Stadium, Korossa set his sights on staying in the Blues’ first-choice semi-final.

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Clyri’s scary reality

Behind the Panthers, Nathan Clyrie has made a big call for the Fox League’s Benji Marshall following his master class.

Clyri scored a goal and ten points in his side’s win over Roster.

His performance prompted Marshall to look at the ball and predict Clyri’s future.

“It’s crazy to see where Nathan is at 24 years old. 28,29 or 30, ”said Marshall.

“The Rugby League world is Nathan Oyster’s, and this is my personal opinion. If he continues in this direction, he could be in our top three.

“This is scary. He’s 24.”

Fox League coach Corey Parker described the Panthers and Blues as “full-backs” at a young age and had great anticipation for Penris’ play.

“He’s trying to find a better place. The game is over at the age of 24. Everything he does is done.”

“It’s scary to think about where he’ll be four or five years from now.”

Parker burns a soft penalty on the Reef! | 01 ፡ 36

TUPOUNIUA Fire Baptism

Sitili Tupouniua has made major changes to the Centers to take over the reigning Premier League.

With 20-year-olds Isaac Tago and Thailand May and William Kikuw in the Panthers left-wing race in 2022, it will not be an easy task.

Between Tago and May, the pair made 23 attempts and added another on Friday night.

At a crucial moment, star player Nathan Cray slipped to the left of the field and looked uncomfortably in the middle of the field.

Tupunia had a gap on the left and right and Clyri was determined to throw the ball to Tago to hit Kiku.

“This is a big gap to run and a great pass from Cleary,” Roe said.

“Tupouniua had to respect William Kick’s run by avoiding the bets,” Smith said.

Tago only needs half a thread.

While that moment was crucial, Tuponuni was not out of the box and Trent Robinson could be given another option if he needed a back-up.

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