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Sydney Swans Jude Bolton reveals Paul Roos review note, Ryan Fitzgerald, 2005 premiership, news

Ryan Fitzgerald is glad he is not there.

Swansea champion Jud Bolton has released a one-on-one rundown note from former coach Paul Ross – and the comments are rapidly circulating on social media.

Bolton said players were given a note following the 2004 West Coast defeat.

Bolton, a two-time Premier League player with Sydney, tweeted: “It’s fair to say Paul Ross was beating us.”

He was not wrong.

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In Bolton’s notes, Rice is completely clinical, having dropped the team in the winter.

“I want to make this point very clear. As I said after the game, this is your time in football, not ours,” Ross wrote.

Jud Bolton announces Paul Ross Rocket on Twitter. Photo: Twitter, @Jude_Bolton.Source: Twitter
Paul Ross will not forgive or forget.Source: Fresh News Limited

I have great faith in the team and I will do my best to contribute to your success – but if I do not contribute to the team and the club in the same way, I am wasting your time, time and club money. . ”

He then challenged the players to push harder without having to be coached by coaching staff.

“All coaches are an input to the player team,” he wrote.

“The only reason we live is to make you successful.”

Pointing to the players’ persistent wrongdoing, Ross went on to say to the players, “We seem to be wasting everyone’s time.”

To the end, he saved his critique.

“So far we have played with 6-10 players and 22 – this does not work,” he wrote.

“In the same way, if everyone buys – we know we will win. You decide if you buy.”

Rice adjusts the coaching philosophy of “leading teams” that requires the players to be honest with each other – and that’s exactly what Bolton said.

Jud Bolton announces Paul Ross Rocket on Twitter. Photo: Dean Lewis, AAP and Twitter, @Jude_Bolton.Source: AAP
Robert Murphy and Ryan Fitzgerald. Photo: Fox Footy.Source: FOX SPORTS

Bolton responded to commentators and fans on Twitter by saying that the rocket was fired following the team’s 8th round defeat by Perth. The team has lost four consecutive games. After winning the title, Sydney won six of the next seven games and won the final by the end of the season.

The following year, Swans won the 2005 Grand Prix to end the club’s 72-year drought in the Premier League.

Rus’s style may have worked, but that does not mean it is not cruel.

A.D. Fitzgerald, a Nova radio star who played with Swans and Adelaide Crows before retiring in 2002.

“This is amazing. Thank you

Bolton told media analyst Adam Spencer that he himself was not in Ross’s best books at the time.

“I was definitely part of the problem,” he wrote on Twitter.

“I could not get close to his 4 consecutive losses. The team responded by winning 6 of the next 7 games.

The champion’s average rice spray is exactly what the team needs to hear.

“It shows that we need proof,” he said.

“Then we got into gear 2004 although 2004 was not a successful year, it kept the club on the right track.”

Bolton In 2012, Swans won the Premier League for the second time in a row over his frustration with Hawthorne before retiring.

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