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Sydney Swans v Western Bulldogs, report, Tom Papley, head-high bump, front-on contact, Josh Dunkley, injury

AFL star Jonathan Brown’s Sydney star Tom Papli reports that he expects to be “thrown” as he faces opponent Josh Dunkley on Friday night.

At the beginning of the third word, Dunkley landed his head on the ball and Papli had a close relationship with the Bulldogs midfielder.

The penalty kick forced Dunkley to retreat.

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The judge was immediately informed that he had been informed.

Papley was seen pointing to his armpit as he spoke to the referee during the break.

“I don’t think there’s anything to be seen here,” said Fox Foot Jonathan Jonathan.

He was really going here for football, so that’s a real competition.

“Of course he was a little taller than Dunkley; they both lowered their heads when they went to football. To be honest, I think he was in football first.

“I’m not sure what the judge was doing when he reported it.

“I think this is going to be thrown out this week.”

Again, Dunkley did not see Swan coming as he tried to win his leg.

Brian Taylor, an analyst, says: “This is a small broom in front of you.

“Dunkley seems to have jumped out of the way,” added analyst James Brischo.

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Fortunately, Dunkley made his debut for SCG in 109 games and was able to reach his feet unharmed.

It was a difficult night for Papley, hitting 0.4, but could not be counted on the scoreboard.

Minutes after the report, Papli left the field as soon as he got his shoulder.

According to commentator Jud Bolton, medical experts fear that Papley suffered a concussion while suffering a concussion in the Marks competition.

Papley’s view on the bench seems scary to Swans.

“Papley is clearly struggling with his shoulder,” said analyst Brian Taylor.

“He’s trying to raise his head and he can’t do without great comfort.”

Luckily, Papley came back late in the third half to score the first goal of the night.

The Swans have already lost senior man Peter Ladham to injury before the break.

Ladhams was injured in the thumb and could not return.

Paddy McCarthy has been ruled out of the World Cup for the third time in a row.

The diabetic was seen checking the macaroni but was cleared to return to action.

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