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Team news; Game 3 selections NSW Blues vs Queensland Maroons; Tom Dearden, where will he play, who replaces Cameron Munster? Brad Fittler

The Blues have targeted Maron’s starting line-up, with Queensland captain Dali Cherry-Evans sending a warning to NSW.

The star player is urging the Patriots to destroy the Suncorp Stadium.

Former Serons’ assistant Anthony Seibold asked if Queensland’s first participant would fill Cameron Munster’s shoes for Cameron Munster.

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The Blues and Marons finished 19-man camp


1. James Tedesco (c) 2. Brian To 3. Matt Burton 4. Stephen Creekton 5. Daniel Tupu 6. Jarom Lui 7. Nathan Creerie 8. Jacob Saifiti 9. Apisa Corisaw 10. Jack Trabjeevich 11. Cameron Maree 12 Liam Martin 13. Isaac Eu 14. Demien Cook 15. Angry Creekton 16. Jr. Paul 17. Siocefa Great 18. Jack White 24. Del Finukane


1. Kalin Ponga 2. Selvin Kobo 3. Valentine Homes 4. Dane Gaga 5. Cory Ots 6. Tom Darden 7. Dale Cherry-Evans 8. Lindsay Collins 9. Ben Hunt 10. Josh Papali 11. Kurt Capewell 12. Jeremiah Nanai 13. Tino Fa’asuamaleaui 14. Harry Grant 15. Jay Arrow 16. Patrick Carigan 17. Tom Gilbert 18. Thomas Flegler 21. Hamiso Tabai-Fidow

He is not Cameron Munster

Former Marion Assistant Anthony Seibold asked Cubs youngster Tom Dordon if Cameron Munster’s shoes would fit for Game III.

Munster has been ruled out of Game 3 with Cowboys winger Murray Taulagi.

He coached Sebold Derden during his time at Broncos, and was delighted to see his career go well, while the former Broncos coach wondered if the youngster could do the job.

“It’s great to see Tom Derden come in at 17,” says Seibol. SEN 1170 MORNING.

“He played his first game for Tommy in I gave it to him in 2019 and it’s great to see it go well.

“I always knew he was a potential star.

“He’s amazingly full. I have no doubt but he’s not Cameron Munster.”

The great revelation of the SLATER

Marcos coach Billy Sterter says Cowboys’ Tom Dordon will wear the No. 6 jersey in the crucial starting line-up – but has not confirmed it.

The 21-year-old has been relegated to the top 17 following Cameron Munster sidelined due to Covd-19.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

“Tom Derden wears the number 6, we work to start the game or get off the bench,” Slater said.

“We are very clear.

“I know my team. I know our team. It’s a Queensland team.”

The newcomer said he had full confidence in Darden.

“I told him several times in the series that I didn’t care if Tom wore a Marion jersey at a state game,” Slater said on Tuesday.

“It’s going to happen now and it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m sure Tom.

“I like the way he plays football. He’s a real competitor, he’s a strong defender. He organizes the environment well and brings strength to the people around him.

“I’m glad Tom got the chance. He really got it.”

Dragons’ Ben Hunt is an option in the halves, bringing Harry Grant to the starting line-up and Darden to the utility role.

But Slater’s decision to play two hooks could see the Cowboys ‘fifth-eighth line up to Dali Cherry-Evans, meaning Grant could come and attack the weary Blues’ defensive line, with Hunt transitioning to a key role.

Blues lock on target

Brad Fittler is set to target Tom Derden in crucial Game III.

The Cowboys’ young gun is ready for the first 17 after a positive covide investigation by Cameron Munster.

Billy Slater Ben Hunt has yet to say whether he will switch to the halves or whether Dordon will start at No. 6 – but either way, Darden’s former Australian schoolmate has made no secret of his NSW plans.

“One hundred percent,” Crickton told SMH.

“In Origen’s stage, it will be a big shoe to fill. I think we’re playing like a pack and we’re together, we try to get to him when we can. We only play the front and we play the back.

The immortal Andrew Jones explained that Slater would hand over the starting point to Dordon in half, with Hunt at No. 9.

“I was going with him personally. [Ben] Hunting [at five-eighth]But I think they will go with Darden. There is a lot of pressure on the youngster to play in Queensland’s No. 6 jersey, ”said Jones.

“But good luck to him. I think he has improved this year. It’s a good thing about Cowboy’s surplus.”

“(But) It’s a big step. He’s going to Everest on Saturday. He’s a big jumper in the classroom. I hope he won’t be very good, but I hope he goes well.

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DC warning shot

Marion Captain Dali Cherry-Evans sent a warning on Wednesday night ahead of the Brisbane state decision.

The 20-year-old star has dropped his support from Josh Papali, an unusually quiet series in 2022.

Papali, a 22-year-old veteran, ran just 72 meters and scored 28 tackles in 47 minutes in I and II.

Now, Cherry-Evans is awaiting a response from the Raiders and Maroons on Wednesday night.

Cherry-Evans: “We look forward to seeing Paps’ thinking this week.

“When people start talking about you, the only way you have to respond is your football so I can’t wait to run there. I know he would agree. ”

Big-name players get up and count, and that’s exactly what the Maroons’ boss expects from our “overall leader”.

“He doesn’t have to say much, but his actions speak louder than most people I’ve ever played,” says Cherry-Evans.

“There was a little outside noise about where he was and what people thought was a good game for Josh Papali.

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“I think this test is close to him and every time that test is presented to Pope, I have no doubt, he will respond.

“That’s why I’m so excited about Wednesday night.”

Maroons’ decision to cancel the decision after two key players returned positive PCR tests was shockingly newsworthy.

Star player Cameron Munster has been ruled out of action with winger Murray Taulagi.

Following the attack, Meron coach Billy Slater said his team would focus only on what they could before the decision was made.

“It’s a football game. Every Wednesday night, in 80 minutes, everyone who has done the best will come with a shield, ”said Slater.

“This event is far from over, but it’s the hand we received and we play it.”

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