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´They gave me a chance at life´ – Sudan refugee Mabil dedicates penalty to Australia

Aub Mabil announced a crucial penalty in Australia’s win over Peru.

The 26-year-old Australian died suddenly after being sent off by the team for the sixth time in a row.

The Mabil is set to leave the Kenya Refugee Camp for the finals in Qatar later this year. In 2006 he decided on the people who took his family.

“I knew I was going to score a goal. It was the only way I could say thank you Australia on behalf of my family, ”he said after Monday’s game, which ended 0-0 in extra time.

“I was born in a hut, a small hut. My hotel room here is definitely bigger than the one we had as a family in that refugee camp.

“Australia gave me, my brothers and sisters, and my whole family a chance to live in Australia.

“I would like to thank Australia for that opportunity, for the opportunity my family has given me.”

Mabil was born in a Kenyan refugee camp.

“I scored a goal, a lot of my teammates scored, everyone played their part and maybe that refugee kid played a big role,” he said.

Australia will face France, Denmark and Tunisia in Group D with their opening match on November 22 against defending champions Didier Deschamps.

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