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Thon Maker scores 23 points as Australia defeats Jordan in first FIBA Asia Cup qualifier, NBA hopes

Prominent displays from former NBA striker Ton Meri helped the Bombers to open their Asian Cup campaign in style with a 78-60 victory over Jakarta Jordan.

The former Milwaukee, Detroit and Cleveland star put in a strong performance, dropping 23 points and adding eight assists, two assists and one block.

For the rest of the Asian Cup, the maker’s brilliance is awful. After winning the tournament in 2017, they are looking to win a series of Asian Cup gold medals.

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Here is what we learned from Boomers’ opening Asian Cup victory:

Maker has emerged as a true leader in the Boomers rankings and deserves another shot in the NBA. Of course, his strong performances at this year’s Asian Cup will help him win the World Cup.

Maker showed his way to the young Boomers with his attacking approach, especially in the opening quarter.

He finished the race by attacking Rim, defending his color and shooting from the region.

Maker seems to be enjoying his leadership role in the Boomers without the likes of Matthew Delavedova, Patty Mills and Joe Ingles.

The 25-year-old is clearly an NBA player, so we hope that a strong Asian Cup campaign will help the French to find a place in the roster.

Boomers’ future production line was in Jordan, confirming that all the top stars were on the big stage.

Melbourne United striker David O’Keefe was impressive for Australia, especially in the first half.

The 210 cm front had five points, three repetitions, two assists and two blocks.

Ilawara Hawks striker Sam Froving has also excelled for the Boomers.

Flying had 16 points and eight rebounds in Class Reik.

Speaking of class, goalkeeper William McDowell-White continued his impressive World Cup qualifying campaign in Melbourne.

McDowell-White, who plays for New Zealand Breakers in the NBL23, filled his stats with seven points, seven assists, four rebounds and two steals.

McDowell-White’s hard-earned performance was greatly appreciated by Boomers veteran Joe Engels.

“McDowell-White is playing the right way,” Ingles said on Twitter.

The future of the NBA Draft Hope Tyrus Proctor has struggled at every level, but he has been patient and will only get better during the game.

The 18-year-old Sydney keeper had four points and two assists in 20 minutes.

There is no Bryan Gorgia in the coaching staff, but Australia’s defense will look unchanged by Asian coach Mike Kelly.

The Boomers dominated the Jordan, conceding just 26 points in the first half.

Australia also committed only one offense in the first half – a testament to the team’s decency.

At the top of the attacker, the boomers seemed calm and confident. The Australians conceded 16 goals in the first half, and although they were slow in the third quarter, they were strong enough to hit a comfortable victory.

Four-time NBL champion Rhys Vague could be on the other side of the Asian Cup campaign.

Former Perth Wilcat, now in business in Japan, had eight points, including two out of four.

Tasmanian Jacques Jumpers striker Clint Stendell impressed by eight points.

Boomers dominated in the first half but fell in the third quarter and opened the door for Jordan.

Australians played Sloppy Hop in the third, with a lot of change, poor shooting options and lazy defense.

In the third quarter, Jordan reduced Australia’s lead to 15 points after a three-point deficit.

Australia are clearly outscored by their opponents in the Asian Cup but they cannot overcome themselves with fundamental mistakes and weak attitudes.

BOOMERS Squad for Asian Cup

Alex Dukas, Sam Froving, Ton Maker, Mitch Macron, Sam McDonald, Will McDowell-White, David O’Connor, Kianu Pinder, Tyrus Proctor, Clint Stindle, Wayne Swaka Lo Buluk and Rhys Vague

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