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Arsenal’s 10-man squad suffered a setback in their bid to qualify for next year’s Champions League. Michael Arteta’s side lost 3-0 to Tottenham.

The Gunners are fourth in the Premier League, but the result leaves Spurs just one point behind rivals North London with just two games to go.

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The result saw Arsenal lose four of their previous five games and start the campaign with four wins.

Harry Kane and Heng-Min Son’s Spurs were the only two players involved in the accident, as the Gunners had no choice but to undo the two.

Ken opened the scoring in the 22nd minute when Cedric Sores was awarded a free kick, which was sent to the floor by Heng-min Son.

The England captain misjudged Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale to miss the 12th North London derby.

In the 33rd minute, Arsenal’s defensive midfielder Rob Holding was sent off for the second time.

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Rob Holding was sent off.  (Photo by Clive Rose / Getty Images)
Rob Holding was sent off. (Photo by Clive Rose / Getty Images)Source Fate-Getty Images

Four minutes later, Ken added a second for Arsenal, scoring the second goal of the night with a header from Rodrigo Bentankur.

By half-time, Arteta might have wondered how he could help the 10 men get back into the game, but two minutes before the second half, the team’s first game of the night came out of the window.

The South Korean’s goal was his 21st of the season.

It could have been more, with Spurs missing more chances and Arsenal’s Tottenham fans chanting ‘Ole’ in response.

With just two games to go before the end of the season, Arsenal have not left a point on the table and their rivals are blowing their noses.

Both teams will have good home games in the final season. Arsenal travel to Newcastle before completing their home campaign against Everton.

The Spurs, meanwhile, have a game against Burnley on the final day of their Champions League clash with Norwich City.

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