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According to two AFL celebrities, the risks surrounding the Jordan de Goi contract are increasing.

It also offers advice to young Melbourne players who have a big impact on their future.

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De Goi’s bargaining power has had great results

Former AFL stars Le Montagna and Jordan Lewis believe that Jordan de Goy’s “bargaining power” is declining after his actions in Collingwood and rival clubs in Bali.

De Goi is expected to contact Collingwood on his return from Bali, where he is shown a video of the 26-year-old having sex on camera and another video showing his tattooed hand trying to expose a woman’s breasts.

Speaking on Fox Future First Crack, Montana said De Goy’s recent off-field criticism would be a warning sign to rival clubs considering playing.

“Indeed, as a free agent, he will be more suspicious of other clubs that are trying to take him on a leash and move him to a football club,” he said.

“If there are already some concerns – whether we are discussing it at the board level or at the club level, what we will do or not do, what are the risks with the prizes – this will add another layer of coverage.” It may exclude a few clubs.

We know he has won a game, we know he has a lot of potential, he is a gun player in the competition, I think, but now some clubs may think the injury is not worth the prize.

Lewis, a four-time Premier League Houton player, said during his time at the club that no teammates had gone overseas during the rest of the season, except for Josh Gibson, who was seen in the United States.

Lewis said that the warnings that come with recruiting de Goi can be disregarded.

“Over the last five to 10 years, the game has been more systematic than individual actors and we have seen many examples,” he said.

There are many examples that say that a player cannot beat you in the Premier League or change the way you go, but it can affect the team. I think the bargaining power in this matter is waning.

“I don’t think I would look at Jordan de Goi if I was from another club, if I was a player from another club and if I was involved in the management team and the key decision-makers.

“I think other clubs are looking beyond football. You want to engage people – and I don’t really know it – you want people to build a culture and understand that this is the key to success, and that is the only question mark.

More for Luke Jackson? | 02 13 13

Young D’s former team provides business advice

Former United team-mate Jordan Lewis has urged the out-of-contract youngster to stay in Melbourne and avoid further lucrative offers from rival clubs.

Jackson is one of the most out-of-contract players in the game and the 20-year-old has shown interest in his native West Australia.

West Coast Premier League player Peter Sumich says he believes Freemanl has offered Jackson $ 10.5 million for seven years this month.

Speaking on Fox Footty’s first crack, Luis emphasized the importance of Jackson’s decision.

“It’s often a decision. If you don’t have the right people around you, you can think for a short time,” he said.

“The lessons and stories learned from the past and the lessons learned at Hawthorn are primarily from Alaster Clarkson… Melbourne now in the premier window, Luke Jackson is part of that, I guess if you are. The young player you want to be a part of.

“Can you afford to spend a little more money to stay on top? I think in the long run, in your career and in your career, if you decide to go that route, chances are they will.

Lewis warned of the dangers of trading in large sums of money.

“If he decides to leave and he goes to Fremant with a lot of money, we also see players fall under that big pressure, so you have to do all this,” he said.

“Talking with experienced and experienced players is a very difficult decision but if you take the least option you can get a reward.”

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